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This hair, uh, girl, is on fire: Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue


Jennifer Lawrence for VOGUE September 2013

“She’s just a girl and she’s on fire…”

Okay, no, I didn’t just listen to that song (thanks, Ms Keys!) and think of Jennifer. Absolutely not.

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Lana Del Rey is lilac lovely for Vogue Australia

Vogue Australia October 2012 | Lana Del Rey Online

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3 amazing blogs by 3 amazing Sophias

Photo: Tekkie Blog

Style bloggers have multiplied like wildfire in recent years.

Young women have grown to love sharing the latest trends off the runway and the coolest new $10 000 bag to anyone, and everyone, who will listen.

Okay, so quite a few of my blog entries have this stuff as well – fashion, materialistic things. And I’m not opposed to style blogs. Not at all.

But guess what? There are also thousands (millions?) of lesser-known blogs about other things – no, not just food, travel, entertainment, the conventional things.

Let me introduce you to 3 unique blogs, all created by girls named Sophia, all 21 or under, and all with a capacity to blow. your. mind.

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Summer daze at the markets! This week’s finds…

This week has been pretty adventurous. I’ve been living the “uni life” at UTS O’Day, opened my cultural horizons at a theatre show showcasing some of China’s fascinating ethnic minorities, explored the weird and wonderful works of Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW and tried to restrain myself as I scoured through some markets.

Some shots of today’s Kirribilli Markets especially for you:

Burton Street Tunnel, home of goodies galore.

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Photoshoot – GRAZIA “Style Heist” 27.2.12

Direct your eyes to the top of the image. Why won’t Posh eat cherry tomatoes???¬†Wow, riveting. But not as riveting as the stunning photoshoot inside (featuring a, um, version of Mrs. Beckham!)

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