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3 amazing blogs by 3 amazing Sophias

Photo: Tekkie Blog

Style bloggers have multiplied like wildfire in recent years.

Young women have grown to love sharing the latest trends off the runway and the coolest new $10 000 bag to anyone, and everyone, who will listen.

Okay, so quite a few of my blog entries have this stuff as well – fashion, materialistic things. And I’m not opposed to style blogs. Not at all.

But guess what? There are also thousands (millions?) of lesser-known blogs about other things – no, not just food, travel, entertainment, the conventional things.

Let me introduce you to 3 unique blogs, all created by girls named Sophia, all 21 or under, and all with a capacity to blow. your. mind.

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Photoshoot – GRAZIA “Style Heist” 27.2.12

Direct your eyes to the top of the image. Why won’t Posh eat cherry tomatoes??? Wow, riveting. But not as riveting as the stunning photoshoot inside (featuring a, um, version of Mrs. Beckham!)

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Boxing Day’s bag o’ goodies

A glimpse of the crowds on Boxing Day in Sydney. (via bumblebeexeucaryotez)

So now that I’ve had a full day of rest after shopping all day Boxing Day and the day after, I finally have enough energy to blog about my purchases. Trust me, shopping is hard. It’s tiring. It’s hard on your feet and it’s tough, especially on Boxing Day when there’s a gazillion people in the city and 10 girls are fighting over the same 500% off handbag.

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