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But on a Wednesday in a cafe… I met My Korean Husband

Photo: Peter Phan

What a nice! Photo: Peter Phan

Why do people become journalists? To tell stories? Meet famous people? Because they love having to live on a budget for the rest of their lives while they satisfy their creative tendencies?

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Blue jeans, May faves

photo: mariajose

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3 amazing blogs by 3 amazing Sophias

Photo: Tekkie Blog

Style bloggers have multiplied like wildfire in recent years.

Young women have grown to love sharing the latest trends off the runway and the coolest new $10 000 bag to anyone, and everyone, who will listen.

Okay, so quite a few of my blog entries have this stuff as well – fashion, materialistic things. And I’m not opposed to style blogs. Not at all.

But guess what? There are also thousands (millions?) of lesser-known blogs about other things – no, not just food, travel, entertainment, the conventional things.

Let me introduce you to 3 unique blogs, all created by girls named Sophia, all 21 or under, and all with a capacity to blow. your. mind.

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Hi! Nice to meet you.

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Thanks for clicking your way to my blog. I don’t know how you got here (random world wide web stumbling? Stalking? Me begging you to come here?) but all I can say is thank you.

With this blog, I aim to entertain, aspire, educate, amuse, and become THE destination to click to during eventual bouts of boredom and procrastination.

In return, I hope to be enlightened, humbled and inspired by your comments, suggestions, and conversations.

Think Mamamia for young women, kind of like how Gossip Girl is Sex And The City and Pretty Little Liars is Desperate Housewives for the younger set.

Alright, so get reading – and don’t forget to comment, favourite, bookmark, recommend, link, promote! I don’t care who you are, what you do, where you’re from, what you look like, what you aspire to be – I will always support those who support me.