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Today, I leave my teenage years behind. Farewell, Care Bear. Farewell, Mr Potter.*

My 19th birthday cake | Kelli Ng

My 19th birthday cake yeryeryer | Kelli Ng

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… old.

Note, 12am 24/05/13: I wrote this post at 3:50am on 23/05/13. Everything you’re about to read is actually completely irrelevant since I unknowingly set my b’day on viewable to ‘only me’ on Facebook, LOL. I’m not even TRYING to be uncool. It just happens *shrugs* See more under the T Swizzle video.

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What’s in my bag? Prepare to be severely underwhelmed.

Bag by Sportsgirl.

Bag: Sportsgirl, Wallet: Love Couture, Camera: Sony, Pencil case: Typo, Glasses: Paris Miki | debbyrachel

Alas, the compulsory blogger’s post.

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Could you Live Below the Line? #Goodwill

Photo: Live Below the Line via Eventfinder

Photo: Live Below the Line via Eventfinder

Hey everyone!

This post is dedicated to a cause that’s really important to me, because it’s extremely unjust that many people in the world go without food, water and shelter, which are essential survival basics, especially compared to more the tangible stuff like iPads and Jeffrey Campbells.

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Film review: “Warm Bodies”

23039-warm-bodies copy

Photo: Summit Entertainment

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Harper’s Bazaar Australia collabs with Karen Walker, I die of happiness


Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2013

Hold up, hold up… yes, this is another magazine-related post.

Sorry, but there’s really nothing better than damn good magazine covers. Except… damn good free gifts that come with magazines.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Best Australian Blogs 2013… and Douglas Booth


Photo: Frank Luetke 


So, I was recently (very undeservingly) nominated by the very lovely Danielle of The Sweetness Talks for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I couldn’t be more thrilled/shocked/frightened/humbled/confused etc etc etc. Nonetheless, I shall take this bout of karma wholeheartedly and walk with a little skip in my step from this moment forward…

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Harper’s Bazaar Australia does 15 covers for 15th anniversary


Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Australia/Instagram

So, I’m leaving for Hawaii in a few hours. And I haven’t packed a single thing.

But I really can’t leave without blogging this: HARPER’S BAZAAR HAS JUST RELEASED 15 COVERS FOR THEIR MARCH ISSUE. And they’re all amazing.

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