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Explore Beijing with me!

Hey all! 你们好!

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been AWOL over the past few months, it’s because I’ve been a little busy. Oh, and I’m in Beijing now. No big deal.

I figured I’d better discover my own cultural heritage before immersing myself in other various continents, getting lost out in the big wide world.

I’ll be here for a year til mid-late February 2015 so I have plenty of time to explore everything Beijing (and beyond!) has to offer. I’m actually supposed to be here to study Chinese, as my year abroad is part of my degree – but of course, I’m loving the process of settling into a new culture… and reaping the benefits of being a hungry journalism student in a foreign city on the lookout for internships and authentic experiences.

So if you want to keep updated on my travels (I’ll talk Chinese food, sights, language, culture, fashion, etiquette, even travel advice), head on over to Beijing on a Bike! Vroom vroommm…


The Beijing Egg.. er, National Centre for the Performing Arts (国家大剧院)

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Today, I leave my teenage years behind. Farewell, Care Bear. Farewell, Mr Potter.*

My 19th birthday cake | Kelli Ng

My 19th birthday cake yeryeryer | Kelli Ng

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… old.

Note, 12am 24/05/13: I wrote this post at 3:50am on 23/05/13. Everything you’re about to read is actually completely irrelevant since I unknowingly set my b’day on viewable to ‘only me’ on Facebook, LOL. I’m not even TRYING to be uncool. It just happens *shrugs* See more under the T Swizzle video.

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Blue jeans, May faves

photo: mariajose

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