The blogger

My name is Debby Ng. I am a 19-year-old journalism and international studies student at the University of Technology, Sydney.

I have a particular fondness for magazines, travelling, rain, printed clothes, Siku the polar bear, Audrey Hepburn and Harry Potter. Before I die, I want a souvinier from every country in the world and to sleep in a tent in Antarctica.

Career-wise, my eyes are set on print/online journalism, in the fields of travel, lifestyle, arts & culture and health.

I started my first magazine roughly at the age of six, titled Boredom Bumsters, because Boredom Busters would be way too generic and refined. My audience consisted of myself, since my sister would refuse to read my magazine despite my poorly-executed advertising gimmicks (in addition to the fact that she thought I was annoying).

Boredom Bumsters consisted of a cover, contents page, letters to the editor (and personal replies!), celebrity interviews, celebrity profiles, trivia quizzes and 0% advertising (all fabricated of course – how else did I develop my creative mind?).

In addition to this computer-only publication (see! I was totally ahead of society…) I wrote a short story, The Magazine Team, chronicling a group of tween friends starting up their own magazine and distributing it around their school and neighbourhood for 5c an issue.

Now, in the real world, I am enthusiastically seeking experience at any media organisation that will have me, hopefully on my way to becoming a features writer or subeditor.

I want this to be a blog which caters to people’s diverse interests. It’s not just a fashion blog, a travel blog, a picture blog.

It’s a collection of thoughts, ideas, experiences, life in a nutshell.

Purpose? To develop my niche, practice my writing, and stimulate my mind. Oh, and hopefully entertain some people along the way.

Thanks for visiting, and please keep checking in.

My virtual door is always open.

If you want to pop me an email please visit my Contact page.



I manage and edit everything on this site myself and all opinions are my own and unsponsored.


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2 thoughts on “The blogger

  1. Alenette B. says:

    Hi, Debby. What a unique name you have! Your blog looks great and I look forward to your future posts. You just got yourself a new reader 🙂

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