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But on a Wednesday in a cafe… I met My Korean Husband

Photo: Peter Phan

What a nice! Photo: Peter Phan

Why do people become journalists? To tell stories? Meet famous people? Because they love having to live on a budget for the rest of their lives while they satisfy their creative tendencies?

My totally inspiring (enter: sarcasm) segue into journalism occurred due to a number of reasons: because I’ve loved magazines since I could crawl, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with words (I only hate them when they don’t work the way I want them to), I enjoy musings and story development and I knew it’d be a challenge.

There’s nothing more liberating and thrilling than finding stories and going through the process of creating it, from Word to blog, video camera to Vimeo, studio to on air on 2SER. But the real highlights? The fact that you get to do things that nobody else can. You have access to the people, organisations and authorities you admire.

Kiss comic from My Korean Husband. One of the first ones I ever saw!

Kiss‘ comic from My Korean Husband. One of the first ones I ever saw!

I came across the My Korean Husband blog a few months ago by accident. I’d been interested in Korean culture since I met my first Korean friends in school, and my continuing influx of Big Bang-friendly pals really furthered my curiosities. My Society and Culture Personal Interest Project for the HSC was actually based on the rise of plastic surgery in Korea.

Through a Korean friend (what are the chances!), I eventually became a writer and editor for iStudent Magazine, a Sydney-based international student magazine soon to be relaunched. And with it came my first assignment: find an intercultural couple and write a feature! BANG! I knew My Korean Husband would be perfect. Being such a huge fan, I have medical evidence that I stopped breathing when Nichola responded to my email with an enthusiastic yes.

I met the couple on Wednesday and we chatted at a Korean cafe (T-Swizzle, yo) which of course started closing once we arrived. Over chai lattes (yet another reason to love them) we ploughed through my two pages of questions and I saw first-hand the sincerity and general loveliness of the two. There were also several comic strip-worthy moments as Hugh plonked his little biscuit into the latte and light-heartedly complained that his wife had ordered the wrong thing (to which she replied, “you’re Korean; why didn’t you order it?”).

The feature will appear in the relaunch issue of iStudent, out in September (during which I will be acting editor-in-chief – eeeeeep!)

Photo: Peter Phan

Photo: Peter Phan

More photos in the upcoming issue of iStudent!

My Korean Husband


iStudent Magazine


9 thoughts on “But on a Wednesday in a cafe… I met My Korean Husband

  1. Samantha says:

    Oh, I love that blog! Hopefully your interview was as fun as I think it’d be to hang out with them! Love from Mexico~ ❤ ^^

    • It was! They’re very lovely, genuine and easygoing. I hope they go to Mexico one day, or you could come to Australia or Korea, so you can meet them too! Thanks for visiting my blog ❤

      P.S. We MIGHT be mailing out magazines overseas to places like Mexico we won't distribute to, but no confirmations. But if you'd like a digital copy of the magazine email or email/personal message me!

  2. Cally says:

    I love them too ! And I like the picture that you’ve posted here. I’m from Malaysia, so I probably won’t have access to the hardcopy…. Would appreciate if you could e-mail me a copy. Thanks !

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