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Today, I leave my teenage years behind. Farewell, Care Bear. Farewell, Mr Potter.*

My 19th birthday cake | Kelli Ng

My 19th birthday cake yeryeryer | Kelli Ng

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… old.

Note, 12am 24/05/13: I wrote this post at 3:50am on 23/05/13. Everything you’re about to read is actually completely irrelevant since I unknowingly set my b’day on viewable to ‘only me’ on Facebook, LOL. I’m not even TRYING to be uncool. It just happens *shrugs* See more under the T Swizzle video.

This is going to be a self-indulgent post. Well, to be fair, all of my posts are pretty self-indulgent. But this one will be particularly indulgent, because it’s about me and the way I feel about turning a certain age which is just a little scary. Okay, why have I mentioned the word indulgent’ so many times in just one paragraph? Simply deplorable.

So, last year, on my birthday, I neglected to advertise that it actually was my special day on Facebook. It was a rather interesting social experiment. I hid from the online world and my name didn’t annoyingly stare at people from the right-hand side of their screen for the entirety of the day, reminding them to send me a routine birthday message.

“Hey sweetie! How are you? Let’s hang out sometime! Miss ya! XOXOOXOX”

Yeah, no thanks.

The exact time I was born. Like, actually. Wow | Florida Center for Instructional Technology Clipart ETC

But then, I thought it’d be weird to hide out for two years in a row. I mean, what am I trying to prove? That I’m really unpopular and sheltered? That I think I’m too good for social media spam? (Yeah… totes.)

So, today, all of my Facebook friends will know that I, Debby Ng, left the womb on this precise day twenty years ago**. Ba boom!

Sadly, my goal for today is NOT to get as many presents as possible and be pampered and attend a private T Party with Taylor and her guitar. (#1, because that won’t happen. #2, because I couldn’t possibly want such diva-ish things… or could I?) My goal is to get through my Chinese speaking assessment without choking (literally) on hard-to-pronounce-I’ll-never-get-the-tones-right words, have a nice dinner with my friends and remember to bring an umbrella that is of a decent size and hole-less so I don’t end up having to walk in the pouring rain for almost an hour, like I did yesterday (there are truly no gentlemen in the world today. I was not once offered to stay under a guy’s umbrella-ella-ella). Not that I’m complaining about walking in the rain. Heck, it’s one of my hobbies listed on Facebook! But I could get cold, and get sick, and die. And I’m only 20.

So… goodbye to immature fights over nothing, irrational female mood swings, needing to have things my way, being unappreciative, OMG-my-life-sucks moments, Momsen-esque teenage angst, whining, my reckless youth. Which wasn’t so reckless, more just weird, but anyway.

Cheers to new experiences, being less sheltered, making important decisions, and entering the rest of my life. No longer as a teen. Tear.

P.S. Birthday presents warmly accepted!***


*I’m not actually saying goodbye to my dear Care Bear and Harry Potter paraphernalia. No freaking way. I’ll be 98 and still clutching my two dearest friends.

**Provided that they go on Facebook today. I actually don’t go on everyday, so I sometimes miss people’s birthdays. Oops. (But no problem, I’m sure their 4898 other identical wall posts will suffice…)

***By this I mean liking/following this, this and this. And this and this and this. And this and this. For real. Though I also wouldn’t mind these as a tangible present. #newspamrecord

UPDATE, 11:50pm: LOL. Yet again, my only happy birthday Facebook post was from my sister, HAHAHA. Wasn’t even intentional! But again, interesting to see who your real friends are – they’ll at least PM or text you their well wishes.


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