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What’s in my bag? Prepare to be severely underwhelmed.

Bag by Sportsgirl.

Bag: Sportsgirl, Wallet: Love Couture, Camera: Sony, Pencil case: Typo, Glasses: Paris Miki | debbyrachel

Alas, the compulsory blogger’s post.

Haven’t you always wondered what was in my bag? No? Okay, well, then, why did you click onto here? (Yup, joke’s on you!)

I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now, and finally bothered to actually take the necessary photo because it was number #13 on the Instagram #MayPhotoChallenge (unintentional Taylor Swift reference there. Actually unintentional). Yes, I am now an Instagram addict. Follow all the action @debbyrachel if you enjoy constant spamming of random food shots, most of which (okay, all of which) aren’t gourmet. My photography skills are below par too, which makes for a real selling point. Ah, the downsides of being a broke uni student (can’t afford nice food or a cool camera, okay I get it… I actually live it. #firstworldprobs).

Last night's emergency vibrantly-coloured sushi to break up the text | debbyrachel

Last night’s emergency vibrantly-coloured sushi to break up the text | debbyrachel

There isn’t anything particularly interesting in my day-to-day bag. I constantly switch between four bags depending on what I’m going to do that particular day (uni with no heavy Chinese books, uni WITH heavy Chinese books, work, interning… you get the picture). Some things I think are absolute essentials no matter what you’re doing are: mints, tissues, bandaids, floss, pens, paper, hand cream, lip balm, emergency food (I go for mandarins, bananas, nuts and muesli bars simply because they’re super easy to pack and unpack), phone, water, keys… but hey, I’m pretty sure you already knew that. Because you’re not five (or are you? If so, smart kid! Oh wait, you’re part of Gen Z, so I take that back…)

So what have I learnt from this rather uninteresting, standard post? Nothing much, really, besides: 1) I don’t really have any cool-looking stuff. Sorry, ego. 2) I call myself a journalism student (the admins at UTS do, anyway) but don’t own a voice recorder. Yeaaaah. What’s up with that? I’m working on it though, especially since I’ve started volunteering for 2SER’s Panacea show, and will obviously need a decent device to record interviews with my talent. Any recommendations, media friends?

Here’s a closeup of the bag (which I actually don’t use as much as I’d like, due to my relentless desire to keep the studs intact):

Sportsgirl Stud Bucket Bag $60 | LOLA x EVE

P.S. I finally went out and bought myself Demi Lovato‘s new album, Demi, because I’m old school and won’t buy from iTunes for some stupid, noble reason unless it’s the free song of the week. Cue ultimate stinge alert.

P.P.S. Also currently stalking the best and worst dressed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Very happy for my girl Taylor Swift who won EIGHT gongs including Artist of the Year and Top Artist! Looking forward to seeing you this December, T! Of course, I have already secured presale tickets (thanks Taylor for coming before I leave for China!)

P.P.P.S. I’m currently loving‘s new album, Willpower. Literally every song on it is a gem and puts a beat in my step each day. The perks of entertainment internship freebies!

P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I’m aware that my P.S. notes are currently in a ‘who’s longer’ competition with the text of my actual blog post. Oops. Here’s a piece of rainbow cake to make it up to you. Happy Tuesday!

Mmmmmm. No words.

Mmmmmm. No words | debbyrachel

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