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Could you Live Below the Line? #Goodwill

Photo: Live Below the Line via Eventfinder

Photo: Live Below the Line via Eventfinder

Hey everyone!

This post is dedicated to a cause that’s really important to me, because it’s extremely unjust that many people in the world go without food, water and shelter, which are essential survival basics, especially compared to more the tangible stuff like iPads and Jeffrey Campbells.

From today, The Oaktree Foundation is challenging Australians (including you!) to get a feel for what it’s like to live in poverty, and feed yourselves with no more than $2 for five consecutive days. Since 2005, this has been the amount people living in extreme poverty survive on per day, according to the World Bank. Last year, the annual Live Below the Line campaign raised $1.92 million to help eradicate global poverty.

Team donation page for Basil and Lamb

Team donation page for Basil and Lamb

Funds raised from this campaign go directly to schools and teachers in countries such as Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. In 2012, over 50 000 donors contributed to the crusade. This week, from May 6 – 10, my friend Cynthia and her sister are taking the challenge under their team name, Basil and Lamb (which is also the name of their mouth-wateringly good food blog). Please support them on their journey and donate – thanks to participants like them, over $1 million has already been raised this year for this amazing cause.

P.S. While we’re on the subject of goodwill, please consider becoming a member of Amnesty UTS. You don’t have to be a UTS student to join! Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more =)

Art: Ayesha Jadhwani

Art: Ayesha Jadhwani

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