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Harper’s Bazaar Australia collabs with Karen Walker, I die of happiness


Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2013

Hold up, hold up… yes, this is another magazine-related post.

Sorry, but there’s really nothing better than damn good magazine covers. Except… damn good free gifts that come with magazines.


I walked through bushes to get this shot… kind of… not really.

And those are somewhat of a rarity these days.

I think about my magazine-obsessed childhood and I remember getting free paper 3D glasses with K-Zone or Disney Adventures, and free heart-shaped lip glosses with Total Girl. I’ve since learned to steer clear of cheaply made freebies, however “free” they may be.

That was, until Harper’s Bazaar‘s April issue came out just days ago, with the lovely and radiant Drew Barrymore on the cover and… gasp!… a bonus black-and-gold/yellow-and-gold pendant designed by Karen Walker. SOLD.


This horrible picture does NOT do the necklace justice, despite the fact it already went through Instagram. I knew this picture was trouble when it walked in… so shame on me.

Even the soft little pouch the pendant comes with is divine:


It’s sooooo soft. Trust me.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the former Charlie’s Angel lately, and the exclusive interview inside this issue touches on the joys of her recent motherhood, new marriage and cosmetics range. I’ve also been researching for her galleries for my internship. Check them out:

Screen Scream Queens: Then and Now | The Hype


Reformed Celebrity Mums | The Hype


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