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I like bat prints and I cannot lie

Photo: Squidoo

Hey stalkers!

So I’m finally done with uni for the year so I have some time to kill (well… not really. But I’ll make time by never sleeping ever again) and can I just say, I have some *BIG* plans for this blog! I sense a redesign and so-many-posts-it’ll-be-like-your-favourite-spam in the horizon.

While I am and always will be a faithful customer and advocate of ASOS, I recently placed my first order at the iconic online store known as, erm, The Iconic. And it is appropriately named, because with amazing designers, lightning-fast free shipping and 100% (or 110%) free returns,  it’s kind of hard to beat.

My first Iconic purchase was an amazing Cassette Society bat tee. I have a thing for bat prints at the moment, particularly by Zoe Karssen. From Emma Roberts to Rachel Bilson, many celebs have been sporting her famous bat tee. What do you think of the trend? Is it bat-tastic? (ha, ha)

it’s bat-tastic

Emma Roberts rocks Zoe Karssen’s white bat tee | Coolspotters

Zoe Karssen’s black bat muscle tank | LASO

Blogger Lovely by Lucy in Zoe Karssen’s bat sweater | Lovely by Lucy

Zoe Karssen bat all over tee | ASOS

Zoe Karssen’s all over bat sweat pants | Black White Denim

Photo: LASO

Bat tee by The Cassette Society | The Iconic

Photo: The Brunette One

Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored, promoted or endorsed by Zoe Karssen, The Iconic, The Cassette Society or ASOS. I am just a huge fan of all four. Oh, and bats of course. In case you didn’t already notice.


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