Rambling, Uni

How’s it feel to have 5000 stalkers? Damn good.

Photo: Thibeau Time

Hey, fellow inhabitants of the world!

I’m going to do another proper post soon. REAL soon. Okay, maybe not REAL soon, because I have a heckload of assessments to not fail until the middle of next month. But sometime soon. Maybe.

But just for now, I’m having a little party within myself because this blog has officially hit 5000+ views! Yippeeeeee!!!

Okay, so I realise it’s kind of, like, nothing compared to, say, Google. (Yes, I just compared myself to Google. Note to self: Get over self.) But still, it’s a little milestone, and since I like no any reason to celebrate, I’m going to post 5 cute pictures of Taylor Swift’s adorable kitty, Meredith. Because:

1) her owner’s new album, Red, came out three days ago and is absolutely amazing;

2) Kevin Rudd’s cat died yesterday, which is sad;

3) she’s cute, and I’m going to start using cat pictures to lure more stalkers to this blog so I can hit 10 000 before the year ends. Why not?

All images: Taylor Swift

Over and out! (Oh, and good luck to all the HSC/uni kids currently ripping their hair out right now! I’m with ya!)

Remember: If you ever want to procrastinate, rant or send random hate mail, direct it to: @theDebbyRachel #yousendmeyourspami’llsendyoumine #instantbffs



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