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Corrjournalist is back! Wait, what is a corr journalist?

Hey friends!

So I’m supposed to be doing a 1500 word essay due Tuesday so I can get on with my 1200 word essay due Thursday (um, who am I kidding? Do you really care about my yawn-inducing to-do list? I think not), but of course I am blogging. Major procrastination source!

So this will just be a quick entry to announce that Sophia Mercedes, aka Sophia #1 from this blog entry, has finally come out of hiding and reactivated her epic “it’s not fashion/political/review/cooking/ travel/education” blog, Corrjournalist!!!

Her comeback entry, titled Hi, I’m high(edited by yours truly), catches you up on what Sophia’s been up to and is basically a reminder that she’s still alive. There’s also several funny doodles in there, not unlike the ones I have regularly spotted her doing in lectures! (Should I not have said that?)

So check it out. There’s truly nothing more entertaining you’ll find on the net/in your Friday afternoon Introduction to Finance tute/your spam-filled no-I-really-don’t-care-what-you’re-doing Facebook news feed.

P.S. Follow me on Twitter @theDebbyRachel. Yiran from Beauty and the Geek Australia totes tweeted me! I'm in love.
P.P.S. In case you read this post because you read the headline and actually wanted to know what a corr journalist is, clicky here!

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