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Topshop opens in Sydney!

Photo via Topshop (topshop_au) on Instagram

Yay, it’s finally happened!

Topshop unveiled their newest store at 9am yesterday right here in Sydney. And really, there’s nothing more exciting.

When I arrived there at 8:30pm (I had class all day, okay! Sigh) there was still a line you had to join before you could make your grand entrance. And the interior seemed a lot like Zara. The main difference was in the clothes. Zara is more minimalistic and classic, whereas Topshop is chic, sophisticated, youthful and badass all at the same time. Absolutely. In. Love. And the pricing? Well, it’s similar to Zara. A nice tailored patterned blazer will set you back almost $100, a pair of studded boots are around $150. So it’s slightly cheaper online, but it’s nice to try things on in-store, right? (Oh, wait… the changing room queue was super-long… damn). Anyway here are some sneaky happy snaps from the night!

Pathway to heaven!!!

View from Myer (Market St)

Studs on everything! Loved it.

I’ve found my section! #shortiesunite

Spot the line!

Check out all the action at the Topshop & Topman launch red carpet!


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