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My two cents… Green Day’s new album, ¡Uno!

Photo: Billie Joe Armstrong via Consequence of Sound

Okay, so this is going to be a short review. A really, really short review. I mean it. I’ve just realised that, according to Social Media Explorer, “a blog post [should be] as long as you need it to be to make your point, and no more”. Oops. So even though Green Day is my favourite band in the history of the world, I’m not going to bore you with their entire music history (let alone life history). I’m just going to get on with it, and cross my fingers that you check them out. Because they’re seriously worth it, L’Oréal-style.

¡Uno!   by Green Day

First posted on JB Hi-Fi Online

Green Day have returned to bring music to our ears (literally) and this time around, they’ve taken things to a whole new level. With ¡Uno!, the trio have achieved a seamless fusion of old punk and a more modern power-pop style to remain relevant in an era of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Many long-time fans quickly dismiss the new singles as “not Green Day”, but the band is just evolving – and doing a stellar job at it.

The opening track, “Nuclear Family”, along with recent single “Kill The DJ” showcase their new sound at its best – classic Billie Joe lyrics with undeniably infectious, please-repeat-again hooks. The band’s unmistakable East Bay roots are particularly evident during Mike Dirnt’s bass solos. Meanwhile, the latter half of the album, including “Rusty James” and “Sweet 16”, are more reminiscent of the humble Dookie era with a     polished twist.

Ultimately, their latest record proves that they can and will do whatever the heck they want, and there’s arguably nothing more punk rock than that. There’s something for everyone, fans new and old, so give it a whirl!

¡Uno! was released on September 21. The band’s next instalment, ¡Dos!, hits shelves November 13 (US), with ¡Tre! rounding out the trilogy on January 15.

So, did I convince you? Yes?! Well, can I also convince you to buy the CD?* #Albumbookletsftw

*This post is seriously unsponsored. By Green Day OR JB Hi-Fi. Though I am personally very fond of both (call me anytime, Billie Joe!)


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