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Lana Del Rey is lilac lovely for Vogue Australia

Vogue Australia October 2012 | Lana Del Rey Online

On my way back home from uni to, ahem, study (of course now I’m blogging…) I passed the newsagent at Central (the tunnel side), and, after witnessing the salesperson erupt into a flying rage about Generation Y and their atrocious absence of manners, sneakily crawled out of the store – after, of course, doing my fortnightly scan of new glossy shiny beautiful magazine covers. The one that stuck out to me most featured LDR – aka indie pop sultress Lana Del Rey – and not just because VOGUE Australia is always strategically displayed at the forefront of the newsagent. Take a squiz for yourself!

All scans via Lana Del Rey Online.

A star is torn

Photographed by Nicole Bentley

Friendly reminder: VOGUE’s Fashion’s Night Out (#FNO) runs tomorrow night, so head down to the Sydney CBD for some stylish bargains. And don’t forget to score some exclusive VOGUE tattoos by donating a gold coin to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute at the Vogue Precinct in Martin Place! (And please, please, please bring me some, as I will be working tomorrow night.)

Go behind the scenes on the cover shoot!
Check out my review of LDR in Sydney!


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