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Vinter de Favourites!


Oh hello, I didn’t see you there beneath your endless layers of wooly socks, gloves and hand cream! One would have mistaken you for a snowman!

You’d think that since I was on holidays for the past two months and all, I’d have had more time to blog. That was not the case. For me, the holidays has meant one thing, and one thing only: work. Okay, and endless movie nights and catch-ups with friends (oh,  hey there pal I haven’t seen since last winter!)

So, like some mags, I’m presenting a special exclusive June/July edition of my Monthly Favourites! (I am not, repeat NOT, cheating by combining them into one post).


simple plan + lady gaga + lana del rey

Photo: Acid Midget

Oh, yes. Some like to spend their Friday nights clubbing, I like to hit up different kinda parties – you know, the ones with dripping sweat instead of Cruisers and Converse instead of stilettos. Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent three awesome nights at three different parties – one involving flying beach balls and cute Canadian accents, another with motorbikes and meat dresses, topped with underage drinking (not me) and sultry love ballads. Pretty. Damn. Fun.


fleur de force

Fleur and her now-fiance, Mike in one of her videos | FleurDeForce

I really cannot remember how I came across this ever-sunny YouTube beauty guru, but I absolutely adore her. She’s one of the few girls that comes across as totally genuine and down-to-earth when she’s talking non-stop about material products. Oh, and she just got engaged and is so over the moon about it that she’s already on a blogging/youtubing/tweeting frenzy. Cute!

Check her out: @FleurDeForce


animal bags

ASOS Suede Owl Across Body Bag

Due to my ASOS addiction (hey, what else is there to do in the holidays?!), I have spent more and more time observing the latest fashion trends (yes, my goal to present myself as something other than materialistic is totally failing right now). One thing I love is interesting bags. Sure to turn heads (I have a watermelon-shaped bag [ASOS, of course], whenever I bring it out, I get comments!), plus they’re just fun to wear!


swamp family

YouTuber grav3yardgirl | A Prick Of Terror

So after I quickly descended into madly-in-love status with Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas (no need to google them, just scroll to #9!), I of course had to waste countless hours watching and re-watching reviews/unboxings of THE SAME DAMN THING to satisfy my shoe cravings. I stumbled upon Bunny Meyer, aka grav3yardgirl, a YouTuber who reviews makeup and every shoe under the sun sold by Solestruck. I then found out her fans were called the ‘Swamp Family‘. I joined the group on Facebook, and ever since, I’ve felt a little *too* popular, with notifications spamming my account every other millisecond. Just thought I’d share.


abc tour

Photo: “Alice T” via Yelp

This is the period that changed my life* because thanks to UTS Journalism and the consequential UTS Journalism Society, I finally stepped inside ABC Ultimo not as a studio audience member (all hail The Hamster Wheel, Gruen and Q&A!) but as a, um, tourist. For three hours I scoured the space where Play School was filmed, checked out a real dressing room and prosthetics cupboard where I spotted countless gags in boxes labelled “The Chaser”. One such box was actually a cat litter tray. Typical! *Excitement/exaggeration/sincerity? You decide.


two rom-coms, a thriller and a biopic

Photo: Hey U Guys

I finally checked out the film behind that oh-so-beautiful shot of two lovers kissing on a cemented pavement in London (I think it’s London, correct me if I’m wrong). What an unforgettable movie. Not up to par with The Notebook by any means, but still a breathtaking love story. If you’re a rom-com fanatic, you’ll know the ending of the movie from the very first scene. But the other 80% of you just need to get yourselves to Blockbuster (or for those true couch potatoes, Quickflix it) to see what the fuss is all about. Also viewed recently: The Vow, which was divine, My Week With Marilyn (a little disappointing) and Martha Marcy May Marlene (Lizzie Olsen = superstar). I got chills, they’re multiplyin’!


chocolate-dipped bananas

The 2012 UTS:Amnesty exec, with yummy chocolate fountain in tow

Before the 6th of June, I never considered that bananas could be eaten with chocolate – on this planet at least. This foreign concept was tried and tested at UTS:Amnesty‘s chocolate-dipped banana stall at the end of semester. I still believe that nothing beats strawberries and chocolate, but I must admit, the combination wasn’t too horrible. Three cheers for new discovering new delicacies!


nicholas hoult

Source: salvame-de-la-soledad

As with clean clothes, tissues and cow jokes, I’m always on the lookout for new eye candy. Lately I’ve been feasting my corneas on none other than that cute-kid-from-that-childhood-movie-with-the-bread-that-kills-the-duck, Nick Hoult. No, no, don’t worry – he’s no longer a child anymore, so I’m not breaking any laws here. So, do you want some proof of this man’s otherworldliness? I’m providing it gladly. Clicky here!


spiked litas

Photo: Fashion Delirium

They’re. Just. Divine. Truly. I’d describe my style as easy, casual, youthful and classic with a little dose of wannabe badass (think a biker/bomber jacket, unconventional accessories or loud t-shirts). Well, now I say it’s time for some rockin’ kicks. These are super-stylish and liven up any old outfit. And since I’m currently employed, I can actually buy rather than steal them! ;’)


¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!

Those of you who truly know me will know that my all-time favourite band is Green Day (yes I haven’t graduated from the angsty teenage phase just yet). So of course I was muchas happy when I discovered that they’re coming out with new music very soon! The gods of punk are returning with not one but three albums in a sequential fashion. The first one, ¡Uno!, will be out September 25, ¡Dos! arrives November 13 and ¡Tré! will drop early next year. The many promos for these albums indicate a raw, old-school, Californian beach feel, away from the ambitious rock operas of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Check out the first single above!

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