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Something to think about this chilly night

Genius via ACPA

Hello! I know, it was a full five seconds since I last posted!

I don’t usually post my uni journalism stories on here (if you want to see my work, hit up my online portfolio), but I’m particularly happy with the one I completed yesterday and I think it has an important message so, yes, I’m spamming it everywhere.

It’s only 5.59 minutes (the subject outline said 5; I figured that as long as I didn’t hit 6 I was fine) but will hopefully stay with you longer!

INTRO: Researchers from the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales have found that community attitudes towards people with a disability are still largely negative, and are calling for more research to be conducted in Australia.

Debby Ng reports.

IN: “Most people can be listening to this…”

OUT: “…Be accepting to whoever you come across.”

DUR: 5’59”

OUTRO Debby Ng with that story.

 The script can be viewed here.

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