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SHOP’s epic 100th issue giveaway bonanza!

I have 3 questions for you… and they are all the same. It is: “Do you like free stuff?”

My guess is, your answer falls somewhere between “yes!” and “DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK??! JSJKDFSUEW!”

photo via shop til you drop

Well, after a week of tombstones bearing plaques labelled “RIP Print Journalism” (I am still shaking my head. But that will take up a whole other post), one of my fave glossies, Shop Til You Drop, is running its “100 issues, 100 giveaways!” promotion – i.e., a total of 845 sparkly prizes for those of us who want something a little shiny on/in our bedside table/closet/tent/igloo.

To celebrate SHOP reaching the 100th issue milestone, approx 4 giveaways are being posted on their Facebook page throughout every day – usually one in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night. Each giveaway is entered on the SHOP website via a link from Facebook (OR if you don’t have it, you can view the countdown clock and enter here) and lasts 2 hours, so if you’re really keen beans for a particular prize, you need to literally stop studying for finals/working/feeding the baby and punch in your deets at a specific time. Almost every prize is designer (think Myer/DJs-standard) and most giveaways have multiple winners.

One example of such a giveaway was the YSL Glossy Stain lip glosses. They gave out 50. And I was winner #6!

I’m pretty darn excited because a) I won so early on! Yay! and b) I finally have something that’s designer. Sure, it only goes on my lips (something sparkly to go on my feet would be pretty awesome… hint hint), but there’s something so alluring and magical about owning a luxury product. It even says on the side of the tiny box, “Luxury Products LLC”. Divine.

To be honest, I still haven’t used it yet. Aside from the time I opened it and my shaky hands led to the gloss going everywhere, so I scooped up the spilt teardrop-esque formula and applied it. It. Smells. Amazing. Am I even worthy of such a product???!

photo via luuux

I have a tendency to go on… and on… and on, so I think I should end my post right here before it turns into an essay entitled: “The Day That Changed My Life Forever: The Morning I Got A YSL Lip Gloss In The Mailbox”.

Anyway, I want to share the love and luck and help other people feel as wonderstruck as I did when I opened up my sweet little parcel. What female doesn’t love a little something special? After all, we’re all worth it, L’Oréal-style.

FAQs you might have (or might not but I’ll type them anyway):

1. When does the promotion end?

The last day is June 30, 2012. SO GET CRACKING!!!

2. How do I enter?

I tried to explain above, but probably miserably failed. Basically, keep reloading SHOP‘s Facebook page until your internet usage is eaten up. Every once in a while, there will be a new prize out! If you don’t have FB, there’s also a countdown until the next prize here.

3. How do I know a promotion has ended?

When you click on the link to the comp page and it’s blank. This has happened to me many times, unfortunately : ( #rejected

4. Any hints/tips?

I don’t know what will increase your chances of winning. You can enter as many times as you like, but I have no idea if that actually helps. I only entered once for the lip gloss. I have read comments from others saying they entered just a few times. I have no idea what “a few” is. Anyway I think I just got lucky with the gloss because there were 50 available. I’m also not sure whether timing has anything to do with it, but I entered the lip gloss one probably 30 seconds after it was posted to Facebook.

Oh, and if you want to save your time in the long run and find out all the prizes available, read the terms & conditions (you’re supposed to, anyway!). There’s a whole list of everything you could win with their giveaway times. If you just want to look at the pretty shiny things on offer and not the times, then clicky here.

5. AM I A WINNER??!?!!

Do you need me to hand feed you? Whatevs, it’s here. It’s updated daily.

Wow, don’t I sound like an ambassador?! I swear I’m not being paid… only in designer lip glosses ; )

Bonne chance amigos! x

PS. Support the generous peeps behind the comps (okay, so it’s really the marketing peeps doing it all, but… you get the picture) by grabbing the latest issue of SHOP during a break from competition-ing!

photo via shop til you drop


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