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Blue jeans, May faves

photo: mariajose

Excuse the title… I just can’t stop listening to Lana Del Rey’s song.

Apologies for the delay with this post. We are WELL into winter now, yet I’m writing about May things??! How dare I?

So let’s hop to it before we all die from frostbite (really, why don’t I have socks on?)


those enchanted moments


 Say you did something unexpected or that you normally wouldn’t do one ordinary night. Or talked to someone in class that was just another person but not just another person, because although they were nice and polite like every over classmate, they also caught your eye and made you wish they asked to hang out with you over coffee. It’s the little moments, opportunities, experiences that make routine days special. These are the days you’ll remember when you look back on the magical times of your life. Doesn’t matter if it only lasts a few hours or minutes and doesn’t become a permanent fixture. Appreciate the moment, and live in it.


lana del rey

photo: bella howard

Yes, I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon, and yes, I now understand what the hype is all about. Looking past the collagen-pumped naturally plump lips and awkward live performance mishaps, Miss Del Rey really is the shiz. This month, I bought her album (on eBay of course, and from China… how else can you get $7 CDs, postage included?) So yes, my copy was a little dodgy (genuine ones just don’t have fuzzy printing) but I achieved what I had aimed to do – give the album a whirl and see what I made of it. Well, I have yet to actually listen the album in full because I just can’t get over Born To Die, Blue Jeans and Video Games. Too brilliant.



photo: skittle bug blog

This brand spanking new show is, as the Channel 7 promos advertise (whoa oaaa para-DISE! Whooaaaaa whooaaaa!), extremely dramatic. And addictive. It’s kind of like The OC gone wrong (Victoria Grayson is totally Julie Cooper!) After watching the pilot a few months ago, I was a little confused about the show’s concept so I wasn’t super excited, but now, I’m literally counting down the days, minutes and seconds until 8:30pm every Monday (okay, maybe it’s more like 8:39 – why The Force goes overtime is really beyond me). So if you’re into suspense, drama, twisted family relations and deadly secrets (and who doesn’t love those after a long day at work??!), start tuning in ASAP. P.S. The entire cast is also impossibly flawless-looking. Also like The OC. *Tear*


the facebook debate

So, yes, Facebook has been around for a while and we’ve all been adding hundreds of friends we don’t actually know for a few good years now. And generally, we’re one of two people: 1) the person that thinks Facebook is useful and awesome, or 2) the Facebook addict (who needs an actual life when you have a virtual one?). Well, what about person #3? Ross Gardiner is one such person. And his video titled “you need to get off facebook” is actually pretty convincing. Take a look:

Of course, there was also some big Facebook news in May – Mr Facebook himself got married! Now that’s something to add to your timeline… (hey, is the compulsory timeline layout going to kick in anytime soon?)


ever eden

photo: ever eden

Everyone’s favourite YouTube beauty guru-turned Lancôme promoter Michelle Phan (@RiceBunny) released her jewellery range this month, called ‘Ever Eden’. Inspired by the Garden of Eden, the line is described as:

 "Guided by the allure of a symphony, beheld in the kingdom of heaven on earth. The Ever Eden mandorla logo entrusts an ancient symbol of two overlapping circles; symbolic of a universe where heaven and earth unite."

Hmm. It’s an alluring concept, I must admit, but when it comes down to it, is it really worth spending $25US (+ shipping) on a ring that could be easily found at Diva (once they catch onto the trend, of course!) for $7.99 just so you could say you’re wearing a Michelle Phan ring? Well, actually, maybe! I’m undecided on this one. Visit the line’s Twitter, Facebook and online store (no shipping to Australia without emailing them first? Whaaaaat?!) and decide for yourself.


giving back

photo: oxfam UTS

I’m a huge supporter of helping others and being a do-gooder (just call me a wannabe Mary McKillop, minus the saint part). So when I had the opportunity to help out the Salvation Army, UTS:Amnesty and Oxfam UTS through events and campaigns close to home and uni, I didn’t hesitate. I subsequently spent a Sunday morning prepping for a uni assignment the following day knocking on the doors of 100 houses, hosted a walking Fairtrade Bake Sale with my Coles-bought cupcakes (I can’t bake, okay?) and munched on cold pizza and drank from a red Solo cup (half coke, half solo) after a film screening. So I earned some good karma points while de-stressing AND doing my bit for the community! ; )



photo: cinnamon & apple

There’s the people who refuse to eat anything but McDonald’s double cheeseburgers (and why wouldn’t you? They’re only $2, and it’s not like uni students can afford to fork out more than that), and then there’s the others who will “splurge” (“splurge” for average people, literally splurge for students) on gourmet, high-quality burgers. I normally stick to the former, because yes, I am poor(ish), and McDonald’s is conveniently located 20 metres away from UTS. But occasionally, I do like to splurge (yes, I mean ‘splurge’ literally) on the fancy kind. I finally popped into Grill’d this month and had the cheapest chicken burger on the menu (I’m still a uni student, after all! In case I haven’t clarified that fact enough times in this one paragraph). It was DELICIOUS. I have always refused to eat beetroot (why does it look like blood? WHY?) but because it was part of the mouthwatering burger, I ate it for the first time. And liked it. Don’t get me started on the accompanying herb-tickled chips, too. I die.


vivid sydney

photo: illumni

Ahhh! It’s just awesome. It has made me truly thankful and proud to live in Sydney again. The last time I felt so nationalistic was when I was on a plane from San Francisco a year ago, gazing at the sparkly harbour before touching down at Kingston Smith. The light displays in Sydney are a modern form of new-age art, with unmissable works including a girl supposedly rolling around on the Opera House like it’s the most comfortable cloud ever (above), Customs House being transformed into a video game (again, my interpretation only) and the projections making The Rocks brighter than Nicki Minaj’s red carpet outfits. Vivid Sydney 2012 runs til June 11 only, so pack your weekend bag and head down to the Quay!


mad men

photo: rolling stone magazine via sabina jones

I seem to have started a love affair with multiple lovers (er, I mean shows) this month. The Best Show On Earth #2 is currently Mad Men. I’m not exactly sure what makes this program so attractive. Is it the actors, the concept, the setting, or the fact that the opening credits are the most amazing credits ever made? (Seriously, I can’t stop singing “doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo…”) Nonetheless, I find this show, which is set in the 1960s, ironically refreshing at a time where programs are increasingly supernatural, futuristic and vampire-oriented.


‘death by uni’ week

Oh yes. This month, I experienced the dreaded ‘death by uni’ week, or as I like to call it, ” 我很忙!我太忙了!” (literal translation: “I’m very busy! I’m TOO busy!!!” Yes, I do understand some Chinese now!) May 20-26, which, yes, included my birthday bang smack in the middle of it, was pretty hectic. On Day One, I was mourning from the fact that I did absolutely nothing productive on the weekend (uni-related, at least). I then went to a 9am workshop, borrowed a HUGE stack of UTS Library books and met up with a friend to borrow her recorder (yes, I STILL DO NOT HAVE ONE #fakejournalismstudent) for my journalism story due Saturday.

photo: psy 2001 section 21 spring 2012

The next day, I missed two meetings which landed me in HOT water. I then spent my birthday conducting an interview for my journalism story and meeting tutormates for two group assignments. Until 10:30pm. Next day? Two group presentations for two classes. The following day, I single-handedly wrote a 2000-word (okay, it was supposed to be 2000. Turned out to be 3000) essay in 7 hours without stopping for breakfast, lunch, dinner or water. The next day, my journalism story was due at midnight. So I wasn’t exactly spending time with my imaginary dogs. The day after, work. And then – finally – at night I went to see Vivid! So it was all good and though I sound like I’m complaining about my life, reality is, I quite like it : )


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