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Caffeinated UNiDAYS: My guest blog post!

The Iconic coffee cup

The Iconic coffee cup

After 24 hours of being as excited as Austranadians seeing Simple Plan last night – (I should know, I was there! It was a party! But more on that later) – I can finally reveal my blog post for UNiDAYS. And it was their very first one!

So, without further ado… HERE IT IS!

Forgive me, I was only given 150 words to describe a uni-related topic AND attempt to be funny. So I might have fallen flat with the latter. But I still hope you find it mildly entertaining! (Or at least more entertaining than watching the rain fall outside… though I do rather enjoy that myself.)

(Don’t worry, I’ll still remember you “little people” when I make it big.)

So please support me by Liking my post (so UNiDAYS have no choice other than to hire me. Permanently).

Check out UNiDAYS’ Facebook page for other future guest posts by bloggers like myself and all the latest discounts on every uni fashionsta’s fave brands (Oasis, anyone?), specially for us poor uni students!

Photo: UNiDAYS

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