Get your mitts on! And a wintry surprise…

Photo: Brown Button

It’s winter! Welcome to three months of upturned umbrellas, crying grey skies and soaring electricity bills. So drag the dust-covered heater you haven’t seen for 12 months and turn it up (if it still works, that is) – and please, don’t alternatively bring your BBQ inside the house in an effort to save money. If you insist on it, you just might not have a winter to enjoy.

Photo: w-i-n-t-e-r-

Most people (okay, 7,017,032,614 of the 7,017,032,615 people in the world… yes I have totally researched this) absolutely loathe winter due to the aforementioned reasons. But not me. Being the optimist I am (today, at least… you’ll find out soon enough why I’m so giddy!), I absolutely adore winter, because it means endless cheesy movie marathons curled up on the sofa (doona and tissues mandatory) and a zillion and one reasons to stay in.

Photo: Habitually Chic

It’s no secret that I’m more of a stay-in-with-takeaway kind of girl than the hey-look-at-me-i’m-so-hot-drunk-off-my-face kind. Not that I have anything against the latter. I mean, you’re only young once, right? I suppose my point is, a) I’m an old granny, b) Staying in decreases my chance of getting into trouble (with the law, my parents, etc), and c) I will never understand how people manage a new nightclub outfit every week, because I certainly can’t. #neverendingwardrobe?

Photo: Witty Designs

I’m actually really looking forward to tonight, the first night of winter. I’m going to see Simple Plan, a band that fills me with warm fuzzy memories because I’ve loved them since I was pre-pubescent, and all I’m going to say is I’m finally going to be published (I don’t really count journalism uni assignments and my blogging as being published). No, you’re not reading the blog of VOGUE‘s next editor (someday, someday…), but I’m still super excited.

Photo: Favim

So, embrace this month, and the coming months after… sure, we may not be able to have snow fights, make snowmen and snow angels and become so snowed in that we can’t leave the house (a day of no uni?? Awesome!). But to me, there’s nothing better than a hot cup of Milo (yes, I’d prefer real drinking chocolate but I’ll just add that to my list of “things I plan to do but will die having not done”), a good chick flick (I highly rate Clueless, Mean Girls, and anything with Audrey Hepburn), and a hug from someone you love – if not a real person, then a cuddly childhood toy will do.

Photo: sparksfly95

Signing off with love and expired cinnamon donuts (but they still taste sooo good!).

Get Your Heart On! Get Your Mitts On!


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  1. ナチス将校と第二次世界大戦を通じて、シ

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