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Just a quick post to wish myself a Happy Birthday (I know, right?)

I’m off in a bit to do an interview for a journalism assignment (Week 12 is… unpleasant, to say the least) but just wanted to share with you the fact that NOBODY REMEMBERS YOUR BIRTHDAY IF IT’S NOT ON FACEBOOK.

Last year, I received around 100 messages from Facebook friends wishing me a Happy Birthday. I recently marked my birthday to private to test if anyone would actually remember it without a reminder on the right-hand side of the page.

Well, guess what?

I haven’t received a single Happy Birthday wall post today. Literally.

With the exception of my sister: “Dude! You gotta put your birthday up, otherwise no one’s gonna send you greetings!!”

Point out the obvious, why don’t you.

Yes, it’s official: I. Have. No. Friends.

This would make an interesting research paper/investigation, the thesis being: Facebook makes us all brain-dead, so we rely on it to remind us when people’s birthdays are.

It’s also very superficial – you comment your ‘friend’ once a year to say Happy Birthday, but otherwise you won’t speak to them. I hate that. It’s like being famous for a day.

So, yes – I’d rather be treated like I normally am on my birthday (i.e. not broadcast it, if people remember it, great, if they don’t, well they’re just human), than have people I spoke to once in primary school pretend to care about what I’m up to because Facebook is telling them to.

Adios “amigos”.

P.S. Comments, reblogging, likes and checking this out would suffice as a birthday present. Since you obviously forgot my birthday, but decided to check out my blog, I’ll forgive you.


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