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Nicole Kidman in ‘The Making of Us’ Photoshoot Harper’s Bazaar (June/July 2012)

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Nicole Kidman debuts her childrens’ (Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret) first media photoshoot (minus their faces) in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Websites in Australia and overseas alike have been buzzing about the cover in the past week (as was Harper’s intention) as the visual feature projects Mrs Urban in a new light – less an actress and more of her other role – a loving mother and cherished wife. These shots, albeit non-humanly flawless, showcase natural, simplistic beauty through the contrast of sophisticated black with stunningly woody, earthy tones in the backdrop.

As an avid subscriber (I won’t lie, having those amazing subscriber-only covers delivered to my doorstep is nothing short of amazing), I actually received this issue over a week ago, and from the first instant couldn’t hold back my enthusiasm to blog about this faster. However, with a dodgy scanner and camera (yes, I do still call myself a communications student), I could only wait until a kind online stranger decided to upload the images themselves.

Well, this still hasn’t happened so I have decided to go directly to the source – and smartly enough, they only decided up upload 1/5 of the photoshoot. Still, I’d like to share it with you, so here we go:

The making of us

Photographed by Will Davidson

Kidman with daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose. On having them in the photoshoot: ''I think it's OK, because you can't see their faces; they're still protected. I feel it's a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family."

“Wait, that’s it?” I hear you scream in fury. Yes, I sincerely apologise, but if you want more, you’ll have to start supporting the magazine industry and pick up the glossy issue for yourself!

Pssst: Edwina McCann, Bazaar‘s editor (and reporter of this feature) has been promoted to editor of VOGUE Australia following Kirstie Clementsshocking exit this week. *Tear*

Psssst: Check this out. Oh, Herald Sun… sigh.


2 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman in ‘The Making of Us’ Photoshoot Harper’s Bazaar (June/July 2012)

  1. I read this article and the pictures are beautiful. The thing I winced about was the fact they seem to allude that she has some new role as a Mother. Her other children are 19 and 17. She has been a wonderful mother for a long time.

    • I absolutely agree. I think they only emphasised her as a mother now because like the article says, she has now settled down in a loving marriage and with a new family. Thanks for your comment!

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