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When life hands you lemons…

…make REAL lemonade!!

It’s no secret that lemons are good for you. H-ello? It is a fruit, after all!

And you’ve probably heard that you should have a slice of lemon with water every morning to cleanse your body. But do you actually do it? My guess is, probably not.

Well, this month I’ve started doing it – and I couldn’t recommend a better start to the day (it’s MUCH easier than waking up at 5am for a morning jog – something I have yet to do).

I find that lemon and water alone is quite bitter and bland, so I enjoy a tablespoon of honey (hello, natural sugars!) to go along with it – delish! Who said that you should only whip out the honey jar when a sore throat comes along? Having it on a regular basis will help prevent them in the first place.

This “Honest Quencher” contains just 15% lemon juice and added sugar. So now I drink the real deal (see the little lemon slice at the bottom?)

For all you on-the-go people out there, pop a slice of lemon in your agua bottle every day – not only will your water actually become tasty, it will encourage you to drink it more and more, and that equals more antioxidants, more water and less coffee in your body! (Yes, drinking it actually curbs your caffeine addiction). If you already have lemon to start the day, it’s just a matter of popping it from the glass to the bottle!

Try trading lemons for limes if you want to change it up a bit – I find that limes have a really unique, invigorating taste!

I actually have a lemon tree in my garden, which I love – that means each lemon is 100% organic – so if you have some spare space, why not plant a few seeds and grow your own? (A totally thoughtful sorry-I-missed-Mother’s-Day pressie!)

Concerned about the impact of too much sugar? Say no to lemonade! | Relentlessly Optimistic

If I still haven’t convinced you (why, aren’t you a stubborn bunch!) here are 10 amazing reasons to make the switch. The ‘zen’ point is totally true – I always feel ready to tackle the day after a glass!

So kiss your Solo, Sprite and other “5% real lemon juice” drinks goodbye and make your own – it’s totally simple and your body (and wallet!) will thank you for it! =)


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