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Unwrapping April favourites…

Hello all!

It’s time again for your favourite monthly post…

It’s Saturday and the end of my first week back at uni, which means I’m treating myself to a day off – all my assignments, relationships and obligations can be handled tomorrow! This month, I’m counting to ten in Chinese…

Text From Dog

TFD is a hilarious Tumblr page featuring conversations between a witty dog reminiscent of Brian from Family Guy (you know, the one that dresses up in a banana costume?) and its owner. Each convo has me in stitches! Who wouldn’t want that dog??

Take a look for yourself:

Riding the Knight Bus

April 9 was the last day of the Powerhouse Museum’s Harry Potter Exhibition in Sydney, so I flew my broomstick over to Harris Street for my last chance to ride the famous Knight Bus around the CBD. It was a bumpy and smelly ride (with a surprisingly strong fuel smell for a bus that ran by magic) but a provided a perfect photo op!

Easter chocolate & Spanish paella

April, of course, wouldn’t be complete without Easter and mountains of chocolate. In celebrating my first Easter as an adult, I decided to give the Easter Show a miss and consumed a ticket’s worth of chocolate bunnies instead. On the subject of food, I also enjoyed my first Spanish meal in the city, complete with tapas, paella and sangria.

Photo: Fancy Windows

Marilyn Manson

Think of Marilyn Manson and more often than not, the following words come to mind: weird and scary. For these two reasons I have always neglected Googling him let alone listening to his music or anything he had to say. Well, maybe this will change your mind:

The self-confessed “poster boy for fear” is actually well-spoken, intelligent and demonstrates that we should never judge someone else by their appearance.

Logies 2012

I actually sat through the whole show, which I haven’t done with an awards show in a long time. It was nice to see Molly Meldrum inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame, a hunky Home and Away star winning Most Popular New Male Talent, a farewell gong for Spicks and Specks (oh yeah, remind me to download that song), and of course, One Direction performing not once but twice. Which leads me to my next Favourite…

One Direction, aka five genetically blessed lads, at the Logies | Photo: Surfme

One Direction

Their Australian promotional tour worked, because before April I was pretty neutral towards the boys and now I’m head-over-heels. Thanks to their intense media attention and Logies appearance, I’ve quickly turned into a Directioner. Each Brit (or Irishman) in the band as good-looking as each other. I was going to refrain from being embarrassed about liking them until I hit 20, but I just bought tickets to their September 2013 show ( was HECTIC by the way), so I guess I won’t be able to stick to that.

Zoë Foster

2012 Gold Logie recipient Hamish Blake’s other half is none other than the stunning Zoë Foster, aka Aussie beauty/writing/advice expert with a joke or two up her sleeve (see why her and Hamish make such a great pair?)

The happy couple at the Logies | Photo: Take 40

My sister bought her beauty book, Amazing Face, which is filled with a multitude of handy tips for beauty pros AND noobs (I raise my hand silently) as well as a gazillion funny bits too. Love. Her.

The Art of Getting By

I’d been dying to see this film ever since I first heard about it (I’m a bit of an Emma Roberts fan/envier). And it didn’t disappoint. Freddie Highmore (yes, the cute little kid alongside Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland) has grown up and plays George, a friendless, fatalistic high school senior in this flick. I really admire the film’s art direction and George’s characterisation and vulnerability. Several scenes really tug at the heartstrings. I’m now investing in a movie poster for my bedroom.

 Photo: Cheri Movie

Video journalism

I experienced a hectic week of journalism this month (see my week in the life of a journalism student post) and rediscovered the art of telling a story through film as I dealt with learning how to navigate a legitimate video camera (I’m not the most technologically-savvy person), and through my endeavour, met some amazing people and developed new insights.

Photo: Lauren’s Journalism Blog

MacBook Pro

Yes, I ended my month on a rather materialistic note – armed and fabulous with a new MacBook Pro. I convinced my mum that I needed one for video editing and so on, and, unusually, I must have been convincing because I am now typing these very words on my newest Apple product. It will take some adjusting (I am an old-fashioned Windows girl through and though) but boy, this MacBook sure is pretty!

Photo: Katie Harb

Thanks for reading, and have an amazing day hepcats! Remember to treat yourself to a bubble bath or two =)

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