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VOTE 4 DEBO! A vote for me is a vote for mankind!

Artistically enhanced from What Will I Wear Today?

Hello munchkins!

Today I need to ask a small favour. You see, I’m pretty keen on this blog. I’m pretty keen on myself. I’m pretty keen on my own name. So I need to use this keen bean-ness to win the Sydney Writer’s Centre 2012 Best Australian Blogs Competition People’s Choice Award! (Yes, I nominated myself because I knew no-one else would). *cue to stick tongue out*

So, all I ask is that you GO HERE, scroll to the bottom of the page (repeat x4) and click ‘Next’ whilst doing so (again x4), which should take you all the way through the alphabet. Ignore all the words you pass as you do so and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT click on any square-shaped boxes UNTIL you have scrolled to the bottom of the 5th page. Then place your cursor to the left of “youthful ambivalence”. There will be a box you MUST tick so it looks like this:

*Yes, I’m now wondering why I didn’t call this blog “Aaron’s World” despite my name not being Aaron. My blog would be FIRST 14th on the list!*

Then please proceed to the next page and fill in your details, and then press ‘next’ again or the vote will not be submitted!! All done!!

Also, a reminder not to vote for anyone else. DON’T. EVEN. THINK. ABOUT. IT.

This one act of kindness literally takes under 30 seconds* but makes me a thousand times happier, so if you weigh it up… you really should just be voting for me now and not reading this anymore.

Do it for humankind. Do it for yourself. VOTE 4 DEBO! In return, I shall continue enjoying spamming your inboxes with meaningless posts and, on occasion, ‘like’, comment, and vote for you too! WIN-WIN!!**

* I have yet to test this claim.

** I strongly encourage you to create multiple emails solely for the purpose of voting for me AMTAP (as many times as possible)!


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