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March madness… and favourites :)

It’s that time of the month again! (No, not that one….)

My excuse for not posting earlier is: I am swamped with uni study and commitments, and I haven’t even started thinking about my assessments… so let’s jump right into it!

I. Chai lattes

Photo: caffeine & cinnamon

They are just so. so. so. good. I could write an evocative poem (or 29) about the sensuous experience this heavenly mix of frothy milk and spiced tea leaves you with. I love them so much that they’ve replaced food during uni breaks – uh oh! Moving on…

II. Please Marry My Boy

For some reason, I became so obsessed with this show that it became all I looked forward to on Wednesdays (you know you’ve got an addiction when…)

From Serbian mummy’s boy Vlad choosing between Croatian Andrea (mum’s favourite) or glamazon Liz (his favourite), to playboy Tony deciding between tattooed Barbie Tammy-Lee (his pick) or free spirit Magdalena (mum’s pick), the drama of seeing who would end up with whom kept me hooked. In the end, though, despite the mothers’ pleas of “will you please marry date my boy?” (SHAM!) in the finale, none of the couples actually stayed together – Matt and Amanda lasted a week, Brendan and Anna a few months, Vlad was dumped by Andrea after a lukewarm long-distance shindig while Tony and Magda never even hit it off. So the whole show was pointless. But still guiltily entertaining.

If you’re single and ready to get hitched (maybe..) make friends (probably), sign up for season 2 – maybe you’ll make PMMB history by being the first couple that actually lasts!

III. International studies

Photo: The Chicano Civil Rights Movement

Fully embracing my combined journalism/international studies degree, I am now actually dedicating around 30 hours a week (literally – I read slo-o-o-o-o-wly when it comes to academic texts) to reading readings. Two weeks ago it was the portrayal of the East in western societies as influenced by Orientalism and Confucianism, then the Chicano movement and back when Texas and California belonged to the Mexicans. This week? Racism and xenophobia in an increasingly multicultural Europe and Europe v America. Pretty fascinating stuff! Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote which I found quite interesting in one of my readings

"The real weapons of mass destruction (rather than terrorism) are global poverty and incipient environmental catastrophe." 
- Garton Ash via Tony Judt.

Sure, it wasn’t the point of the article. But it is still something to think about. And it was actually easy to read! Score!

IV. Taylor Swift in Sydney

It feels like a month ago now (oh, wait! It was!) but I will always hold my memories from this concert close, simply because it was so magical. I uploaded a few pictures from the gig in a previous post (I’m still working on a review!) but still haven’t sorted through them yet because there’s so many and I just haven’t had the time. Anyway, if Taylor’s in your city (or someone else’s) and tickets aren’t sold out yet (though I doubt that would ever happen) I would strongly urge you to go! It’s a wonderstruck experience, and you don’t have to be a teeny bopper to enjoy it. There’s mums, chaperone dads, uncles, young women in their twenties, boyfriends and little sisters in the crowds, so it’s a show for everyone.

V. Demi Lovato’s ‘Stay Strong’ Documentary

"If opening up and sharing my story inspires even one person to stay strong or to get the help they need, I’ve succeeded.”
 - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been open about her personal issues since completing her rehabilitation treatment in January last year. Having suffered from bulimia, anorexia, self-harm and bipolar disorder, the singer/actress is now a role model for teenagers everywhere going through similar issues. Her documentary, Stay Strong, visually details her recovery process and life after rehab. It also sees her return to Timberline Knolls where she makes an inspirational speech about her wish for current patients to free themselves like she did herself in her battle against addiction. This personal, courageous story is definitely worth watching in an age where teenagers’ anxieties are stronger than ever before.

VI. Leather biker boots

Cool biker boots. Mine are similar minus the rad studs & leather | Photo: nighspirations via The Blonde Salad

I made the mistake of buying synthetic biker boots. From an animal welfare point of view, synthetic shoes are great. But from a comfort point of view, not so much. During the post-Christmas sales, I bagged some edc boots for $60 (previously $200) thinking I had scored a pretty good bargain. Problem? After three months, I finally started wearing them and realised they hurt. It’s okay now because I just wear two pairs of socks to ease the pain. It doesn’t exactly take a genius to know that shoes with leather soles are much more comfortable than synthetic ones, but I’m definitely recommending them now. Splash a bit more cash for the cow (sorry, PETA!) and your wallet and toes will thank you in the long run!

VII. Lily Allen’s ‘From Riches To Rags’

Photo: Lucy In Disguise

From Riches To Rags is a documentary aired on ABC2 which shows singer Lily Allen branch into the world of fashion with her sister Sarah. They have a vision to create a store which allows customers to buy or rent unique vintage designer pieces. The road to making this dream a reality is a bumpy one (pun intended) with Lily’s highly publicised pregnancy and miscarriage and other aspects of their personal lives colliding with issues such as the sisters’ lack of business experience and a focus group’s criticism about the store’s concept. Eventually, Lucy In Disguise comes to fruition nestled in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

VIII. Draw Something

Cool artwork on Draw Something | Photo: Awesome Drawsomes

Draw Something is an game by OMGPOP which is basically Pictionary for your iPhone. It’s fun, simple and ridiculously addictive. All you need to play is an eligible Apple gadget and Facebook friends, then let the fun begin! Some ridiculously artistic people have even had their designs posted on Facebook and a site specifically for Awesome Drawsomes! (Oh, and check this out… oops!)

IX. Susie Bubble

I’m definitely definitely definitely going to do a blog entry on her someday. In case you didn’t already know, my blog name was actually inspired (okay, stolen) from her. Susie Bubble/Susanna Lau is a 28-year-old British-born Chinese style blogger whose “love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against my parents and the ‘popular’ people at school – which then developed into something all consuming and now is my number one passion.” Her iconic blog contains anything and everything about fashion and her look is anything but boring, so check it out.

X. Earth Hour

Miranda Kerr, ambassador for Earth Hour 2012 | Photo: International Business Times

Well over a billion people participated in Earth Hour 2012, which took place at 8:30pm on March 31 globally. With 150 nations and territories involved, it is the “largest voluntary event of its kind“. Around 40% of Sydneysiders flicked the switch this year in an effort to reduce energy consumption. Personally, I was pretty high-strung about the whole thing, switching to candles only. I almost cried when my sister arrived home and immediately turned on the lights and television despite my protests. All in all, I think an hour of darkness gives you time to reflect and think about what life would be like without electricity. It makes me thankful… a nice way to end the month.

Well, I hope you enjoyed last month’s countdown (again, apologies for the 7-day delay). Keep supportin’ me and I’ll keep supportin’ you!

Sayonara hepcats!

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