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A is unmAsked, causes tweeting frenzy

It finally happened. The most anticipated moment in teen television history occurred. A, the psychotic stalker in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has been revealed.


Granted, not everyone watches the show. In Australia, I’m not actually sure if anyone has even heard of it since it was axed from GO! after ten episodes.

(L-R) Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria at the masquerade ball | Photo: Much Music

But in the United States at least, the lead-up to and aftermath of the season two finale was so intense that it literally broke a social media record as the most tweeted about/Facebooked show in history, with 850 000 tweets in one day.

The show is watched by 3 million people in a good week, which “indicates nearly one social media message for every three viewers — a huge number,” according to the New York Post.

Mona approaches Spencer at the ball | Photo: AceShowbiz

The season two showdown featured an enchanting masquerade ball to illuminate the mysterious theme of the episode, a suspicious girl in a Black Swan dress, and the reunion of fan favourites Spencer & Toby and ended with the surprising revelation of A as Mona, Hanna’s best friend outside of the four main girls.

Spencer discovers A‘s lair | Photo: TV After Dark

The episode also shocked with the sudden death of Maya, Emily’s on-off girlfriend. The haunting music, neighbourhood setting and wheeling out of the body in a body bag offered an unmistakable and interesting sense of circularity to the show’s pilot, during which the same sequence occurred with Alison’s body being found.

One of A’s typical creepy messages | Photo: Watch Pretty Little Liars Online

The season concluded with Mona being committed to a mental hospital for her personality disorder, saying to a visitor in red that she “did everything you asked me to.”

Mona in the mental hospital | Photo: DVR Junkie

In the weeks leading up to the finale, suspicions of Mona as a suspect went through the roof online, yet I still remained oblivious. Which was great, because when I finally watched the episode last night, I absolutely fell out of my seat.

Photo: Perez Hilton

PLL returns in a few months, but for now, check out this interview with A herself, Janel Parrish.

All I can say is, bring on seAson 3. I’m hooked.


See you June 5,

A (or should I say, M?)


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