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3 amazing blogs by 3 amazing Sophias

Photo: Tekkie Blog

Style bloggers have multiplied like wildfire in recent years.

Young women have grown to love sharing the latest trends off the runway and the coolest new $10 000 bag to anyone, and everyone, who will listen.

Okay, so quite a few of my blog entries have this stuff as well – fashion, materialistic things. And I’m not opposed to style blogs. Not at all.

But guess what? There are also thousands (millions?) of lesser-known blogs about other things – no, not just food, travel, entertainment, the conventional things.

Let me introduce you to 3 unique blogs, all created by girls named Sophia, all 21 or under, and all with a capacity to blow. your. mind.

un | not-for-children humour


Sophia Mercedes

Okay, so Sophia isn’t her actual name. It’s her Catholic name which she uses on occasion (i.e. to get rid of stalkers, creeps, you get the picture). An alter-ego if you will.

Anyway, I simply adore this blog (and not just because I know this crazy cat personally!) It is precisely written for laughs, fall-out-of-chair style. The tagline itself claims: “it’s not [a] fashion/political/review/cooking/travel/ education blog”.

The blog update sign up list is genius – “Hacker-free zone: Enter your email address to win something.”

Chewbacca, as featured in the I AM 2NE1 entry to demonstrate the amount of body hair Sophia has. Classic.

One of Sophia’s most hilarious entries discussed “mok yok tang”, i.e. public baths in Japan and Korea. Here is a classic example of her one-liners: “If you are a girl, a friend of your mum will say, ‘Oh, you are an adult now. What’s your cup? A? B? C? D?’ (What do you mean by cup. Fuck. Mine is World Cup.)”

You won’t find anything this LOL-worthy on a fashion blog.

The blog is currently on hiatus (trust me, I’m working on getting it off hiatus), but it’s still definitely worth checking out for the many hilarious entries on there.

Get your giggle on: @HaerimHan_, Corrjournalist and Facebook.

deux | college & tiger cub life

New Tiger In Town

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld

Sophia #2 is a 19-year-old college freshman at Harvard (luckiest. girl. ever) with two Yale Law School professors as parents. After her mum, Amy Chua published a controversial article on the Wall Street Journal titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” (just Google her name and the article will come up immediately), the world reacted (mainly with negativity and fury). So Sophia publicly defended her mum’s views and became relatively well-known in her own right. Soon after, she began blogging to prove she wasn’t a “mindless robot“. I somewhat started stalking her and discovered that she was not only extremely articulate, but also quirky, sarcastic and normal (if normal means ‘extremely intelligent and genetically-blessed teenager with both limitless mainstream popular culture and academic knowledge’).

A typical college shot by Sophia (centre), from her Claws retracted, Harvard livin’ entry.

Her blog is a refreshing read and makes you feel like you know her, or at least would like to know her in real life. She does make many references to her famous Tiger Mom (her blog is, after all, titled ‘new tiger in town’) but what’s most interesting is her experiences of graduating high school (she was valedictorian, of course) and starting as a Harvard freshman, describing her life with self-deprecating humour and a sharp wit.

I have always had this fantasy of going to college in the U.S. and living in a dorm room eating ramen noodles 24/7. So, Sophia’s blog gives me an insight into that life. It’s also refreshing to see that her excessive use of #hashtags on Twitter reminds us that while she is extremely intelligent, she is also very much an average Twitter-using teen.

Bottom line: Check it out if you’re fascinated about the Chinese v American education discussion, brain AND looks-galore Chubenfelds or am a Harvard wannabe like me.

Become a tiger cub: @SophiaCaribou and new tiger in town.

trois | uni-friendly fashion

Moulin Frock

Sophia Phan

Okay, so I know I spent the first quarter of this blog bagging out fashion blogs. But this one’s just too good to put down.

Sophia The Third is a journalism student at UTS (like me). Her blog satisfies my not-so-secret penchant for pretty things and magazines, while also throwing contemporary fashion and beauty galore into the mix.

Unlike VOGUE (sorry VOGUE, you know I love you), it’s written with light touches of humour and relatable to the teenage/20-something year old reader. Many of the blog entries feature affordable brands and products which struggling students can buy without having to take on 3 additional jobs, along with their already pre-existing internships and 2 main jobs (not to mention studying).

Gorgeous Judy Jetson dress by Ask Grace, as featured in the LRD entry.

19-year-old Sophia’s latest entry, Evergreen, introduces a gorgeous new jumper from Cotton On‘s exclusive collection and somehow manages to mention Harry Potter as well – what’s not to love?

Moulin Frock fulfils everything you need to empty out your wallet but look glamourous doing it!

Become a trendsetter: @Sophia_Phan, Moulin Frock and Facebook.

x x x x

This blog first appeared on my Tumblr, icandobetterthanthat, with some (okay, quite a few) alterations. Man have I come a long way!

Be sure to show me some Twitter love: @theDebbyRachel. I follow back! (Trust me, I already follow 1,162 people… #stalkerazzi)


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