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Get me with those Glitter Nails, baby as the lights go down…

Glittery snow falling at Taylor Swift’s concert last Saturday.

Having gone to one of Taylor Swift’s concerts in Sydney on Saturday (I’m still reeling from how magical it was!! Review shall be up shortly!) I rediscovered a little trend: GLITTER NAILS.

Apologies for making something exciting look incredibly dull.

Put a little spring in your step by adding some sparkle to your fingers. As a proud Swiftie, I am more than aware that Taylor is a huuuge fan of sparkly dresses, so what nail colour was more appropriate to wear to her gig than gold?

Taylor in her Sparkly Dress Number One for ‘Sparks Fly’.

Quite a few girls in the crowd wore stunning gold dresses, and there was glitter galore not only on people’s faces and skin but also falling from the ceiling (okay, so it was confetti – but it was silver and gold and sparkly, so it totally counts!)

Glittery silver and gold confetti!

Sure, some people may think that glitter screams “childish”, others think “outdated” or “heh-lo! Who wears that anymore??”. Well, right now I’m rocking gold nails and all I can say is I feel giddy, optimistic and actually kind of like the tallest person in the room! And like your favourite pair of Louboutins, they also bring in an abundance of desirous looks and compliments!

Imagine what my fingers would look like WITHOUT nail polish. Disgustingo.

So for the effect of platforms with zero pain, dig out the abandoned five-year-old bottle glittering at the back of your nail polish collection – I beg of you!



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