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Fab February Favourites! <3

It’s time again for the monthly Favourites post. Y’all ready for diz?

*Sparky fan forever*

1. Board games. Specifically, Simpsons Clue(do).

Photo: mpolla (Flickr)

We played the normal version at my cousin’s, with 1/5 of the pieces missing. My sister and I enjoyed it so much we ordered the Simpsons version on eBay. It arrived in FIVE (!! WOW !!) days from the UK for $24 all up. Pretty. Damn. Good.

This game is perfect for rainy nights in (let’s face it, March weather hasn’t treated us too well so far) and it’s interesting because there’s a scare factor involved (for me, anyway – I randomly started screaming at certain points due to the whole “murder mystery” thing).

2. Gigs. This month I saw The Living End at Manly Beach and The Pretty Reckless at the Bald Faced Stag.

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless | Great picture, I know. It was the only shot I managed to take before the camera decided to take an eternal nap (ie broke. BROKE!!!)

I got into The Living End this month after realising that several of their songs (“Who’s Gonna Save Us?” and “All Torn Down” to name a few) were actually songs I listened to growing up. (Yup, I WAS a rock ‘n’ roll kid). Now I literally can’t take “One Said To The Other” off repeat.

Out of the two, I enjoyed The Living End more because contrary to what I expected, the TPR gig was way too pushy, hot, suffocating and sweaty. I’m not even joking. I’ll write a review later, but honestly… I was just happy to be outta there by the end of it. Meanwhile, the ambience of Manly beach + TLE singing their old classics = awesome.

3. Moschino I Love Love EDP

Photo: I Love You Nonetheless (WordPress)

Citrusy and like nature in a bottle, my friend uses this and claims that it “makes boys run after you”. One day she was walking on the street and an Indian guy literally FOLLOWED her, smelling her. He asked her what her perfume was. Then I went with this friend to an event and a female security guard came over to our table, saying “I could smell something coming from here! It smells so good – I don’t like many perfumes”. She also asked for the perfume’s name, which I scribed on a slip of paper as “Moschino Cheap & Chic” (which I now have discovered is incorrect. Oops). So, bottom line – you want a boyfriend? Get – this – now. (Or just wear heels. My friend tends to always wear them…)

4. China, its culture and peoples.

 Wind of Colourful Guizhou performance | Photo: Experience China

So, I actually got into the Chinese major, not the French major which I blogged about before. To celebrate, I have started to embrace my cultural heritage and saw the performance Wind of Colourful Guizhou, about Guizhou’s ethnic minorities in China.

I have also started taking Chinese classes twice a week at uni as part of my degree. Last week was my first, and I have already been challenged by this immensely difficult language. Who knew there were so many sounds to memorise?

A Turkish-speaking Uyghur from China | Photo: Universal Beauty (Tumblr)

It has been very rewarding so far, though, and I have learnt things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise – such as, who knew that China had so many ethnic minorities? I guess here in Australia, people just think of Chinese people looking “a certain way”. Well, guess what? To name a few, there’s the Korean minority, Mongolians, Tibetans and even Uyghur minority (they speak the old Turkish language!) With this much diversity, there are numerous dialects as well.

5. Uni O’Day

The Oxfam UTS group at O’Day! | Photo: Oxfam UTS (Facebook)

As a little first-year, last year I was excitedly walking around to every stall signing my name up to every club on uni O’Day. Well, as it turns out, I didn’t actually get involved in anything. I aim to change that this year. I am now Communications Officer at Oxfam UTS (our first year running!). It will definitely be a fun and exciting challenge, juggling my studies with this and other commitments. But it’s an awesome cause, and one that’s really important to me. So, are you into saving the world, 3 things at a time?

Here’s to a new uni year filled with fun and college spirit! =)

6. Markets (Kirribilli/UNSW)

Kirribilli Markets in February.

Yup, I’m a market freak. Where else can you find quirky one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to add to your collection? After all, they turn out to be some of the things you treasure most in your closet. The fact that you usually grab them at bargain prices just adds to the fun!

Check out my market-obsessed blog entry to check out my market finds in Feb!

7. Picasso @ Sydney

I went to the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in February. I appreciate art and all, but I must admit, I do get a little bored during these expeditions (and I haven’t even started talking about museums! Zzzzzz!)

Luckily, this exhibition actually kept my attention until the very end. Picasso had a really unique way of creating art – after all, he was the pioneer of Cubism and led the way towards unique and abstract avant-garde paintings. I loved it so much that I bought five postcards of my favourite artworks as a memento.

8. Films & TV (New Girl/Glee, A Few Best Men, and a hundred others).

Photo: Movie Berry

Being the holidays, I again watched waaay too many films than usual – Chinese Harry Potter 4 (Hali Bote!), Notting Hill, Donnie Darko, Love And Other Drugs, Lymelife, I Am Number Four, The Proposal, Burlesque, A Few Best Men, Sleeping With The Enemy, An American In Paris, The Parent Trap and The Nanny Diaries (um, is that it??)

If I write about them all in this post, loading this one page will diminish a great deal of your internet data usage in one go. So, I’ll put it in a separate entry right after this.

My new favourite TV show is New Girl. Oh my god, who wouldn’t want to be Zooey Deschanel? She captured (and broke) all our hearts in (500) Days of Summer, and now she’s back as the super-cute Jess with a new dose of humour but the same voice as Summer.

I’ve seen a few eps now, and the show just keeps getting better and better. Here’s a little sample of the humour:

My love for Glee is also at an all-time high, with earth-shattering performances such as this:


9. Finger tattoos


Photo: Pink Floss (Tumblr)

That looks cool, right? I came across it on Tumblr and fell in love. I decided right there and then, “okay, I’ve always wanted a small tatt. This is in a place I wouldn’t have to see all the time… right?”

Well, after a Google search or two, I’ve decided against it because: a) they don’t last. I don’t want to end up with a funny-looking mark someday, and b) I might look a little foolish when I pick up my kid from school in 20 years’ time with a finger tattoo.

So for now, this idealistic dream will remain exactly that – a dream.

10. The beach

My sister looking out at the beach in awe. (February 2012)

The beach is sooo underrated. Where else can you go for great scenery, fresh air (most of the time… stop smoking on the beach people! And putting the butts in the sand!) and super happy memories? There’s just something about making that connection with nature. Australia is known for its phenomenal beaches, so how could anyone live here and NOT enjoy the beach? It’s UN-AUSTRALIAN!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s loves! Til next time,




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