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Leap day = 29% off sales! Yippeeee!!

Happy March my lovelies! =)

With your stunning irises, kindly fixate your corneas on the two fascinating images below:

Urban Outfitters


Um, do you see a trend here?? And I haven’t even been on any other sites…

I especially loved the tagline in my email from UO: “This won’t happen again for another 4 years!” Ha. Those smarties. What a marketing genius. (“@!*&!!!!!! No 29% off UO until 2016? Better get a new wardrobe for all seasons!”)

So hit up your fave fashion sites, because who knows, maybe they’ll have a sale… 15% off, 20% off or 2-9 if you’re lucky… (I know Portmans is also having 25% off all new-season stock for VIP members – just type in the code AW12VIP by Saturday) and I am in love with this dress! (Yes, I took a picture of it in the change room):

Origami Bow Jacquard Dress, $149.95 $112 from the Lace is More collection

I actually managed to make it look a LOT less attractive than it really is. Well done, Debby. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the dress actually puffs out like a hoop skirt. Hello, Miss Hepburn!

Going back to my original point…

Technically it’s not the 29th anymore. But some sales actually end today, so… what are you waiting for? MOVE!!!

I’m sending out a virtual pinch and a punch for the first day of the month to get you cracking.

P.S. February favourites blog coming soon. Yup, you’re shaking in your boots, I know.


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