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Summer daze at the markets! This week’s finds…

This week has been pretty adventurous. I’ve been living the “uni life” at UTS O’Day, opened my cultural horizons at a theatre show showcasing some of China’s fascinating ethnic minorities, explored the weird and wonderful works of Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW and tried to restrain myself as I scoured through some markets.

Some shots of today’s Kirribilli Markets especially for you:

Burton Street Tunnel, home of goodies galore.

Searching for gems.

Downstairs to fashion capital, where clothes go for around $2 at the end of the day.

Follow me!

Spot the $5 table!

Finally a gorgeous hot summer’s day in Sydney!

The Harbour Bridge peeking out from behind was gorgeous.

Alright, now onto the goodies…


Concept & photography by Debby Ng

I couldn’t resist the nautical-style buttons! Plus it’s great for autumn coming up!

Navy wool cardigan ~ Izzue, $10 @ Kirribilli Markets (25.2.12)

Coat hanger ~ Chanel, around $15 on eBay

This interesting pattern aught my eye immediately – and how could I say no when I was offered this for half price?!

Dress, Mika & Soop, $20 $10 at Kirribilli Markets

This fun necklace will keep you in the festive mood all year round!

Necklace ~ seller ggdd.56 @ eBay, US $4.25 ($4 AUD)

This trench is short-sleeved and super lightweight, making it ideal for Sydney’s temperate weather. What a steal!

Trenchcoat ~ Grace Fashion @ SES, $15 @ UNSW Markets (22.2.12)

The flower adds a girlie touch to any outfit while the handsaw is quirky and unique! The antique gold finish is gorgeous and won’t tarnish.

Necklaces ~ $6 each @ UNSW Markets

This was a total bargain and the pattern is super cute!

Skirt ~ Mika & Soop, $10 at Kirribilli Markets

FYI: There were some studded black Louboutin flats. Probably genuine. In my size. And only $40. But, being too poor to even grab the Feb issue of US Vogue by the end of the day (oh how I love you Miss Swift!), I resisted.

Feel free to share your fave markets in Sydney and beyond in the comments section!



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