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Anything goes… with January Favourites!

Source: Google Images, since I unfortunately have no chocolates of my own on hand (hint hint, imaginary boyfriend)

Alright, alright, pipe down.

Unfortunately, this blog post does NOT consist of me giving away several boxes of Cadbury Favourites (you understood the headline, right?).

(I do however have two boxes of Ferrero Rochers… if you ever pop over to my place I’d be more than happy to share!)

Want some of this? Come to my house. | Photo: Hair On His Scalp (Tumblr)

I have an announcement to make….

Starting today, like many other bloggers and YouTubers, I will do a monthly blog post about my favourite products/things/events/people/trends I have discovered throughout the month.

Bear in mind that my location (Sydney), wallet size (small) and interests (many) will impact what my faves are.

Alrighty then, with no further ado… my favourites (taken directly from my list in my 2012 personal diary!)

1. Receiving parcels aka online shopping since I never win anything.

Photo: Fashionably Cheap

My most recent online shopping obsession has revolved around ASOS, for one reason only: FREE. SHIPPING. As a bonus, plenty of things on there are way affordable (especially the things on sale!) which makes it a breeding place for students like me. Around and after Xmas ASOS had a string of sale coupons, with crazy discounts like an additional 10% off already reduced stuff, which made some things ridiculously cheap. So, of course, I swooped on down and bought a thousand things.

Uh oh… | Photo: Pedestrian TV

Since the Aussie site opened four months ago, ASOS has no doubt been bombarded with orders by the millisecond, and I have taken advantage of the returns address NOW BEING IN AUSTRALIA and so have started buying things I Wouldn’t. Wear. Ever. Therefore, I had the same postman deliver ASOS parcels/boxes to me EVERY DAY and I ended up sending back 90% of it. My room looked like a mini Australia Post this whole month. Thank god I’ve returned most of the stuff now and gotten $700 safely back into my bank account.

2. Foreign languages. Oui, oui!

Photo: Widgets & Gadgets (Blogspot)

With my sister having jetted off to Spain, the land of Javier Bardems, paella and soccer celebrations (go La Furia Roja!), and me getting into Journalism/International Studies all in the span of a few days, my fascination with languages reached boiling point. Maybe I’ll write a lengthy blog on this subject later. But basically, I’m now trying my hand at Chinese Mandarin (honestly, the idea of me attempting to learn it is as productive as watching grass grow). I HAVE come up with a solution though – I borrowed Hali Bote : huo bei de kao yan aka Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Chinese! And, well, since I know all the lines to the English version, I’ll definitely know what they’re saying! Smart, no?

3. The Chaser boys.

The Chaser’s Nicorette Ad Road-Test -Peter Costello started singing! | Photo: lolerzz (Tumblr)

One of the most attractive things about a person is humour. And the Chaser boys are loaded with it. After having discovered The Hamster Wheel thanks to my journalism tutor last year, I began watching the boys’ preceding controversial series, The Chaser’s War on Everything. And, well, once I got through one disc, I couldn’t stop. I’ve now watched all of seasons 1 and 2 and I’m moving onto number 3. Why do I love them so much? Basically, they just have real guts to chase politicians, randoms on the street and journalists around. They do what society is appalled at, shocked at, and what most people would be too afraid to do. Yep, I’ll admit that almost half the things they do are offensive and insesitivie. But, for the most part, they’re just a bunch of guys who don’t take themselves too seriously, are super smart (hello? Half of them are Sydney Law School alumni!) and like to make fellow Aussies laugh. I recommend.

4. Australian Open (tennis hotties included)

Djokovic wins! | Photo: The Slice

The Australian Open was so engaging this year that I literally camped out in front of the television every night and stayed up as late as was required to get to GSM. Unfortunately my personal fave, Federer didn’t make it to the finals BUT regardless, I was still up last 2am to watch the gruelling 6-hour duel between Djokovic and Nadal AND the presentation. Yes, I did fall asleep for 10 minutes on the couch at one point around 1am (guilty as charged). But I woke back up and witnessed the best match of tennis I’ve ever seen in my life. Net year, I’m def jetting off to Melb to watch a game live! Djokovic’s girlfriend can give me her seat next year, since she never seems to sit on it!

5. Chinese New Year/family time/being an only child

Celebrating Chinese New Year | Photo: City of Sydney

This month was an important month for me family-wise. With my sister gone I felt a little weird by myself the first few days. But luckily, I spent heaps more time with my cousins which was great because I had lots of company. Last week, I basically lived with them. With Chinese New Year celebrations, ice skating, board games and just hanging out, it was nice to remember the important things in life again.

6. Song of the month: “Betterthan” – Becca Brown

Becca Brown is like the It girl of the century. Just no-one knows it yet. It’s like Elizabeth Olsen – being a huge MK&A fan throughout my childhood, I always knew who little sis Lizzie was and thought she was super pretty and would also become a star. And, well, whaddya know? Ten years later and now she’s the It Olsen girl. Becca was the crazy-talented bass chick from School of Rock and to this day she’s still playing guitar and studying acting at UIC. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice (check out her original song, Betterthan – AH-MA-ZING), but her personality is insanely cool too. Don’t believe me? Check out her Twitter @bekkuhbrown (warning: you should probably be over 15 to read some of her tweets. She doesn’t hold anything back. But that’s why she’s so awesome).

7. Films (Milk, Paper Heart)

I’ve seen my fair share of TV shows and films this month, being my laziest month ever full of just hangin’ around (I’ll definitely get to work in Feb!) Well, the two stand-outs this month were Paper Heart and Milk. Stand-out show? Jane By Design, but I’ve already discussed that this month. Paper Heart (2009), with quirky comedian Charlyne Yi and cute-as-a-button Paulie Bleeker, sorry, uh, I mean Michael Cera, is a fun, doco-style look at the age-old question: does true love exist?

Meanwhile, Milk (2008) chronicles the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk (awesome last name, I know), played by the legendary Sean Penn, as he fights against Proposition 6 in 1978 and becomes the first openly gay person to be publicly elected to office in California. Both amazing films that can’t be missed.

8. Mama Mia

Image: HarperCollins

I finished Mia Freedman’s first book, Mama Mia, a few days ago and it was brilliant. I LOVE girly romantic teen fiction, biographies and inspirational books, and this one is a bit of everything. There’s a little bit of Mia’s love life, from an abusive relationship in her past to the story of her meeting her husband, mixed in with insider knowledge and wisdom about the crazy world of magazines and the sometimes brutal media (she was editor of Cosmo at 24, so who better to discuss this topic than Mia?) and emotional highs, lows, and babies. This book will appeal to any woman – young and ambitious or older and wiser, Mia shares her experiences in career and family to demonstrate that sometimes what you think you want initially can turn out to be the thing that holds you back from life. As an aspiring magazine writer, this book was invaluable. It’s funny and entertaining, too! Loved it.

9. Young Hollywood

Photo: ROCK’n’ROLSEN (Tumblr)

I’m in love with so many newbies on the block – Lizzie Olsen, Miss Moretz, Miss Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, Lily Collins and some other lesser-known names. I’ll write a separate blog on this, but… wow. These girls all have ‘It’. And they seem to be having it at a younger age than ever before too.

10. Cleaning up my life

Gorgeous perfume collection – not mine! | Photo: anyechkaa (Tumblr)

Okay, okay, okay. My room is still a mess. But my closet is a lot more organised now, and I have just rearranged my perfume and nail polish collections. There’s a start!

What did you enjoy about the first month of 2012? Have you started cracking on your New Year’s resolutions, or was January just the, er, “cooling off period”? What are your goals and plans for next month?

Well, I’m off to uni at the end of Feb so hopefully I’ll land myself a job, some work experience or an internship, some hours on the road (erm, I’m still at zero) and some Mandarin under my belt!


Photo: Suzanne’s Page (Tumblr)

Pssst! Sorry if this post is riddled with mistakes, but I haven’t edited it yet because I’m super tired and going to have an early one! (okay, maybe not… I mean, I am super tired, but I just HAVE to watch Hali Bote!!! I wonder how you say “Hippogriff” in Mandarin?

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