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Bonjour la France!

Photo: Sarah Goldschadt (Flickr)

“One can unite the French only under the threat of danger. One cannot unite a country that has 265 specialty cheeses.-Charles de Gaulle, 1951

Bonjour, madame/monsieur!

Today is an inspiring day for two reasons;

– I watched an inspiring video, and

– I have been accepted into Journalism with International Studies!!!!!! *cue applause*

Photo: Flinders University

Enrolling myself into this course will mean dedicating four more years to study, with one spent overseas in quite literally the most romantic place in the world! The formal name of the course is Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) and in International Studies (not a mouthful at all!). I have chosen France as my in-country study which means that I’ll spend a year learning about the contemporary history of France and the French language, and then go on to live in France myself! Très chic!

The streets of Paris | Photo: sudweeks (Flickr)

Now, moving onto the inspiring video I saw today. I’m a huge fan of YouTube personality Bubzbeauty, aka Lindy Tsang, who posts videos about beauty and fashion tutorials, DIY treatments, travelling and being yourself. She’s a great influence on her fans, including almost 1 million subscribers worldwide (and that’s only counting her main YT channel!), with messages of hope, support and being the best you can be physically and spiritually, both inside and out.

Bubz/Lindy | Photo: Bubzbeauty’s Facebook

One of her recent videos, Paint the Sunset with me, is particularly inspiring.

Here Bubbi, 25, reveals that she has always been passionate about painting but “chickened out” of studying Fine Art at university. “So I took something else that would make me more employable,” she wrote.

I hated my 3 years at university. I felt left out and alone. It seemed like I was the only one who wasn’t passionate about what I was learning.

“[The] financial crisis made it difficult for me or anybody to find work in UK. But it did help me in a way… I made videos on YouTube because I was free. Somehow, YouTube suddenly opened doors for me…

“I became so busy in trying to chase my new dreams I forgot my old dream.”

“Painting used to be my escape from the busy World. Suddenly, my life was too busy for painting.

Eight years after high school… I finally took the plunge to start painting again.

So, like me, did you leave behind a passion? It’s never too late to turn back to it…

For me, painting isn’t about being the best… it’s the process of enjoying what you learn and paint.

I realise the simplest things in life make me happiest.

“Most of all… now I know I will definitely go back and study Fine Art in the future. And I’m taking the first step now by learning to paint again.”

Take a look for yourself:

The finished artwork! | Photo: Bubzbeauty’s Facebook

These words come at a time when I need to decide whether I want to take that leap to dedicate myself to four more years of study. Is journalism my true passion? Do I need to take on International Studies? What are the pros and cons?

After starting my journalism degree last year and doing work experience at a few magazines, yes, I do feel like it is my passion. I get excited, sit up straight in my chair and frantically write notes during every journalism-related lecture and tutorial. It’s like I’m on fire.

Macarons in France… just because. | Photo: Belle France! (Tumblr)

But I also wonder about nursing or medicine. Would I ever get into medicine? There’s another dream that’s probably a delusion. Maybe I only want to work in a hospital because of Grey’s Anatomy. After all, I have no interest in maths or science, I can’t stand the sight of blood or guts in war movies and would be responsible for the deaths of many if I was ever let into a hospital as anything other than a patient or visitor.

I also dream of travelling the world and helping the underprivileged. Having my own Chaser-esque show. My own perfume. My own cupcake factory. Running my own zoo and becoming a professional dolphin trainer.

I’m not sure if I’d need International Studies as a budding magazine features writer/subeditor. But it’d help expand my worldview and career options, making me more viable to organisations like the ABC and SBS, which could come in handy. Plus, my new year’s resolution was to learn a language.

Photo: c-lamour (Tumblr)

So, what did I learn today? I have many dreams, many ambitions, and I’m only 18 – I still have time to tick them all off my bucket list. I will make mistakes, and I’m still on a bit of a jagged path, but with a positive mind, things are always looking up.

Call it fate, but maybe Bubbi’s video came at the perfect time.

And I’m going to click ‘Accept’ for my course offer.

What is your dream? What is your new year’s resolution? I challenge you to go for it! This time next year, I want to be able to write a 1000 word blog entry entirely in French.

Au revoir!



Check out Bubzbeauty by following on Twitter, visiting her website (and her own online store filled with make-up brushes and cute fashion!) and, of course, her YouTube channels, which feature beauty & life advice, video blogs as well as comedic mischief (who could forget the epic Baby Bubz?!)

[edit 10:51pm] Isn’t it crazy how life works out? The 2012 ATAR cutoffs have just been released and if I had started school a year late like I should have (I am a year younger than most fellow high school-leaver second-year students!) and applied to Journalism at UTS this year, I wouldn’t have gotten in, let alone into Journalism/International Studies (ATAR 98.60!)

[edit: 11:09pm] I accepted! I’m so happy and excited. I’m ready to make 2012 my best year yet. No more bludging – I’m going to put everything I have into this degree until I get to Paris (and beyond)!

[edit 11:11pm] Psst… just had a talk with my mum and she’s so supportive of me taking on the combined degree and accepting the offer. I said I was really worried about the cost (spending one whole year in Paris won’t come cheap!) but she said “don’t worry about it – you do what you want and I will support you 100% of the way” (who said all Chinese mums are tiger mums?). I am so lucky. Not just because of this offer/ATAR cutoff business – but most of all, because I am loved and supported.


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