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Please, sir, I want some Moretz

Chloe Moretz

Top by Marc Jacobs. 

Happy New Year kids!

My latest obsession over the past week has been – drumroll please – a 14-year-old star going by the name Chloë Grace Moretz.

It started after I did work experience for Dolly last month. At the end of my week, I had the amazing opportunity to chat to the editor, Tiffany Dunk (who is extremely normal and laidback by the way), in her office.

We started to discuss covergirls (or should I say, cover models – let’s not forget that the Twilight boys have graced a cover or two!) and the fact that Tiffany can’t just choose her fave celebs-of-the-moment to put on the cover. I never really understood this until Mia Freedman came to our uni and said that even as editor of Cosmo, she couldn’t just change it into her magazine (even though she did make some ground-breaking choices!) – she had to go by the Cosmo formula.

Above her desk, Tiffany had displayed a small gallery of “people I wish I could put on the cover, but can’t”. This consisted of celebs like Jess Hart in a sexy pose shot in a natural landscape, and yes, Chloë Moretz looking fantastic in her designer ensembles and a perfect pout.

“Why can’t you put Chloë on the cover?” I mused. Here’s a girl that’s an up-and-comer, now known to the fashion world for her quirky style topped with a look and personality that oozes cool. Surely Dolly‘s demographic of fourteen-to-seventeen-year-old girls would welcome and love such a fresh, new, young face on the cover?

“We can’t take that risk,” Tiff explained. “We feature Taylor Swift because she has stayed grounded and relatively the same throughout her fame. We feature Rob and Kristen because we know that’s what readers want.”

Do sales figures reflect that? I enquire.

“Yes, definitely!!! And we get heaps of feedback, on Facebook, etc requesting them! Our readers are very vocal about what they like.”

So, basically, Chloë will stay on Tiffany’s wish-board until she becomes as big of a star as Taylor Swift. Because although she loves Chloë, she can’t say that her readers will respond so ardently. Shame.

Anyway, my Chloë obsession started a few weeks after that conversation, when I started noticing her in high-fashion magazines and online, where she has undoubtedly become a teen sensation.


So when she became covergirl of Teen Vogue‘s December 2011/January 2012 issue, I knew I had to grab myself a copy. I was ferocious about it.

“Why doesn’t anyone stock Teen Vogue?” I complained to my sister as I stalked out of the the tenth newsagent empty-handed. “This is ridiculous. I need that issue!”

I constantly “Chloë Moretz Teen Vogue” on eBay but was a little turned-off by the price – not only is there a sale price, but a rather ginormous shipping fee for such a tiny mag (but my rants about postage costs will constitute another long-winded blog another day).

I didn’t want to pay $25 for my Chloë fix. I mean, I would, but there had to be another way.

At last, I found it. And where else but my local newsagent. *FIREWORKS! CONFETTI!*

Where I live, there’s over half a dozen newsagents alone (which I love, by the way. I always pop in to one, two or three a day to stalk the latest mag covers). Anyway, it was pretty stupid of me not to check the one that’s the closest to me. Maybe second-closest.

So there it was. $6.95 and I saw Chloë standing (or sitting… the shot only shows her top half) in a gorgeous Marc Jacobs floral top (or was it a dress? If only the photographer zoomed out…) and natural makeup, the perfect epitome of summer.

Here are pics from the photoshoot so you can have a look for yourself:



Fashion Editor: Heathermary Jackson / Photographer: Paola Kudacki

Chloe Moretz

McGinn jacket, $299. Loft shirt, $37. Minor Obsessions by Finn necklace, $315.


Chloe Moretz

Topshop red sweater, $75. Diane von Furstenberg green shirt, $165. Topshop pencil skirt, $80. Carven shoes.


Chloe Moretz

Moschino Cheap and Chic cardigan. Ter et Bantine top. Tsumori Chisato sunglasses.


Chloe Moretz

Gucci dress. BCBGeneration ring, $18.


McGinn jacket, $299. Loft shirt, $37. Minor Obsessions by Finn necklace, $315.

Chloe Moretz

Moschino Cheap and Chic cardigan. Ter et Bantine top. Diane von Furstenberg skirt, $275. Minor Obsessions by Finn necklace, $315. Jennifer Behr barrette, $72. BCBGeneration ring, $18.


In the article, Lauren Waterman observes that “in person, she is an unusual mixture of scrappiness and elegance” whilst Drew Barrymore muses that in (500) Days of Summer, Moretz was “sage without being precocious— that’s very rare at her age. And then, when I saw her in Kick-Ass, I just went crazy. I live for cool girls, and Chloë is one of the most rock ‘n’ roll young ladies I’ve ever seen.”

I think that really says it all.

Tiffany, I’m expecting Miss Moretz on the cover of Dolly any issue now.



Catch up with your new favourite It girl by following her on Twitter @ChloeGMoretz.

Read Teen Vogue‘s feature at TeenVogue.com.


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