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Boxing Day’s bag o’ goodies

A glimpse of the crowds on Boxing Day in Sydney. (via bumblebeexeucaryotez)

So now that I’ve had a full day of rest after shopping all day Boxing Day and the day after, I finally have enough energy to blog about my purchases. Trust me, shopping is hard. It’s tiring. It’s hard on your feet and it’s tough, especially on Boxing Day when there’s a gazillion people in the city and 10 girls are fighting over the same 500% off handbag.

So I spent Day One in the city, specifically the QVB and David Jones primarily. Unfortunately, I didn’t really buy anything since I was with my aunt, uncle and cousins and was dragged along to the shops they wanted to go to (an intense gamer store, Hobbyco, where I suspect Beauty and the Geek producers go to find their contestants – needless to say, that was the first and last time I’ll ever go in there – and the ground level of QVB, aka designer central, where you had to line up to enter stores like Coach and Bally. Someday, I kept thinking, someday.) Unfortunately, since the price of one of those bags is more than the balance of my bank account, it was kinda pointless.

Day Two, in Chatswood, I had much more success (shopping alone = productivity!), but still only covered Westfield and some of Chatswood Mall, and not The Chase (shops closed waaay too early!)

Okay, so enough of my babbling. Here’s a snapshot of my purchases (yes, they’re pretty boring, but hey, I’m just your average poor 18-year-old uni student…)

CHAIN STORE GOODIES – cause nothing’s more versatile than casual pieces.

tee / Levi’s, $29.95 $19

denim shorts / dotti, $39.95 $9.95

cupro shorts / dotti, $49.95 $19.95

ACCESSORIES AND LITTLE BITS – these things make me smile =)

scarf / Kookaï, $50 $25

bullshitter button / melon, $15

lip balm / bloom in Boost banana buzz, $6.95 $4.43*

3 ring set (far right) / Diva, $7.99 $4

Wait, did you say, CLOSE UP??? Yep, those gorgeous rings in the centre deserve to be the centre of attention…

(Please note the Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans are purely there for product display purposes only, to help stand up the rings… my Harry Potter obsession has NOTHING to do with it….)

MOUCHE 50% OFF SALE!! – I loooooove this store!

‘enter’ ring / mouche, $15 $7.50

marc jacobs lola style ring / mouche, $39 $19.50

DEPARTMENT STORE FINDS – not the adorable bag, though!

dress / Tokito @ Myer, $50 $28*

bag / Touche Boutique, $25

wedges / Sandler ‘Lillian’  at Myer, $119.95 $67.15

And something sweet for the bathtub…

LUSH 50% OFF SALE – these look good enough to eat!

bubble bars / LUSH ‘Gingerbread House’, $6.95 $3.50 each

and not pictured but not forgotten..

cd + dvd / JB Hi-Fi, Taylor Swift World Tour Live $21.99 $17.60

So, I hope you have made it to the end of this post without falling asleep and drooling on your keyboard. If so, congrats, and thanks!

I’d love to hear what you picked up – or almost picked up, until someone else grabbed it off you – at the sales. Any particular stores have big sales? Do share your tip-offs!

Til next time,

Your New Favourite Blogger  xxxx

*Received a further discount due to staff discount privileges, reflected in the final sale price.


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